Want To Share Your Best With Our Readers? There’s An App For That!

By Jonathan Bentz, Marketing Manager

blog promotion programOk… so calling it an ‘app’ might not be the right term – at least in terms of pop culture. However, I am happy to announce today that I would like offer our visitors from across the internet the opportunity to get involved with our blog.

Starting this month (and continuing until people stop contacting us looking to take advantage of FREE promotion :)), we are going to be offering multiple ways for content creators and business innovators to have their best stuff showcased on Netrepid.com.

For lack of a better term, I’ve decided to call this the ‘Promo Program’. Got a better idea for a name? Let me know in the comments!

Here’s How This ‘Promo Program’ Is Going To Work…

First off, in order to get the most out of this program, you probably need to be…

  • A tech marketer who needs to get the word out about a piece of content
  • The founder of an innovative startup that people need to know about

Are you one of those? Okay — great! Proceed please…

Next, if you’re a tech marketer, is your piece of content…
  • A guest blog post about something related to business technology?
  • A video link or extensive research article published elsewhere related to business technology?
  • A whitepaper or ebook related to the business technology industry?
  • An infographic related to business technology?

Did you answer YES to any of those? If so, click here to tell us about your piece of content!

Or, if you are the founder of a startup, is your startup…
  • Pre-revenue or Pre-Angel/Series A Funding?
  • Not generating positive EBITDA?
  • Actively seeking free promotion?

Did you answer YES to any of those? If so, click here to tell us about your startup!

Finally, one of our esteemed team members will review your submission and, if it meets the criteria, we will schedule it for an upcoming review or feature on our blog!

Easy enough, right? Then what are you waiting for! Submit your request to get involved in our promo program today!

Questions about this program? Leave them in the comments below for all to see, or tweet us @netrepid and someone will respond to you as soon as possible!