Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services From Netrepid:
Preparing Your Business To Survive The Unexpected

disaster recovery services - dDisaster recovery services from Netrepid help prepare your business with a comprehensive solution for the dreaded day when an unfortunate event effects your entire technology infrastructure.


How long can your business afford to be down if your critical infrastructure fails?

  • Minutes?
  • Hours?
  • DAYS?

There’s no excuse for your technology going offline – even when disaster does strike. You just need to have a solid plan for recovery and the technical expertise to carry out the plan.


From the planning process all the way through to helping your team restore your services when things do go down, our disaster recovery services have you covered. Even in the face of a disaster, you can still focus on managing your business, communicating with your customers, and moving things forward.


We will work side by side with you to take care of the technology.

Disaster Will Strike. Are You Ready To Recover?

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services in Harrisburg


Each of our clients has a personalized experience with their disaster recovery solutions. At Netrepid, we provide custom service plans that address the customer’s needs. While some clients only have disaster recovery support, others combine it with more of our solutions. Certain customers use all of our business continuity capabilities, while others only need light support.


We can provide disaster recovery solutions that fall under two categories:


Business Continuity Planning


For the best results, a business continuity plan needs to involve physical, human and IT resources. At Netrepid, we know how to create disaster recovery plans for a variety of industries. We can build one of these strategies from the ground up alongside our data colocation services. If you have an existing infrastructure, we can assess your resources and help you develop a plan.


Disaster Recovery Solutions


If data failure happens, you can count on us to come to your side. Our experts can assist with disaster recovery as part of our managed IT services or on its own. They can follow a disaster recovery plan that’s already in place or adapt to a sudden incident. In multiple types of data incidents, we offer fast and dependable support to get your organization running again.




While nearly any of our cloud services would be a perfect solution for preparing your business for a seamless transition in the event of a disaster, the following services are used most often by our customers when completing a disaster recovery plan.


Remote Backup


Use the power of our data center to back up your files and information. As your data backup service provider, we’ll store your data using advanced facilities with multiple redundancies.


Virtual Desktops


Access your very own Windows desktop from anywhere with an Internet connection. Our virtual desktop services keep your work system on our server for easy backup.


Virtual Servers


Host websites, files and applications on a virtual server created from our data center. Use, monitor and backup the data you use on a shared or dedicated server.


Website Hosting


Join thousands of websites in the Netrepid web hosting network. Like the rest of our data center information, we keep multiple backups of our clients’ websites for simple recovery.


How Does Netrepid Use Redundancy as a Data Backup Service Provider?


At Netrepid, we consider redundancy a critical element of data backup archive and recovery solutions. We made many aspects of our data center redundant to maximize your uptime and protect your information. Netrepid servers feature these elements:


  • Data storage: We keep backup Tier 1 and Tier 2 storage arrays that provide on-site data recovery in the event of a server failure.
  • Networking and Internet: To keep our server connection going, we have gigabit fiber Internet with six different carriers.
  • Hardware: All of our equipment has backup counterparts that take over in case of failure.
  • Power: The data center’s power grid includes four uninterruptible power supplies for outage protection.
  • Locations: Our data center provides geographically redundant services at three locations across the United States.


How Can I Learn More About Netrepid Disaster Recovery Services?


We help businesses throughout Harrisburg and beyond achieve their business continuity goals. To learn more about our disaster recovery services, contact our team online.