White Paper Wednesday: ‘The Burden Of Backscatter’

By Jonathan Bentz, Marketing Manager

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The Burden Of Backscatter

  • secnap-network-securityPublisher: SECNAP Network Security
  • Published: May 2010
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 2
  • Size: 50 KB
  • Snapshot: You’ve just received a non-delivery report for an email you never sent. One of your employees opened a bounce from an email they don’t recognize. Or, your email servers are suddenly flooded and system speed has slowed to a snail’s pace. What the heck is going on?
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Our Review: Whether you’re the email administrator for an enterprise corporation or you manage a network of only 10 users, backscatter has become a widespread problem, and if it hasn’t already affected your organization and its network – it likely will in the future.

What is email backscatter?  The term is defined as the bounces, replies, or other unwanted email received from third parties, even if you didn’t send them any email in the first place. Email backscatter occurs when a spammer uses your email address(es) to send spam to others.

This whitepaper from the good people at SECNAP Network Security serves as an excellent, entry level FAQ to email backscatter. It answers many questions related to the topic, including:

  • Just what is it?
  • Why forge an email address?
  • What can you do about backscatter?

At the completion of their “email backscatter 101”, SECNAP then explains how they solve the email backscatter problem for their customers. For further reading at the end of the white paper, they also offer a case study about how their email security technology solved a huge backscatter problem for one of their customers.

All in all, this white paper serves as a very helpful introduction to understanding email backscatter. While there are many spam filtering solutions on the market today that help alleviate this problem, there is still something to be learned from this white paper.

If you are just realizing you have an email backscatter problem, you should certainly address it… and reading SECNAP’s white paper is great place to get a general understanding of the topic.