ImPAct Interview: Eve Baum, Military Apparel Company

Chat-256Editor’s Note: Today, we continue our series of entrepreneur interviews featuring many of the leaders recognized for having “Entrepreneur ImPAct” at this year’s Governor’s ImPAct Awards. We have prepared five questions for each speaker related to the nomination criteria, and each entrepreneur has been generous enough to share their answers with us and our blog readers.

Our series continues today with Eve Baum of the Military Apparel Company.

Entrepreneur ImPAct Award Finalist: Eve Baum, Military Apparel Company

What are some ways you drive creativity in yourself and your team?

We definitely are driven by the story behind each creation! Every Hero and their families are unique and the threads of the American fabric if you will. This fuels my business, my creativity, my passion!

If the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is going to continue to grow as a hub for business innovation, where should its leaders be focusing their attention to further fuel that growth?

Perhaps giving more opportunity like the Governor’s ImPAct Awards ceremony so people can KNOW about small business in their neck of the woods! And hopefully buy from them!

Any type of financial help or tax breaks would be welcome too, since our businesses create jobs!

What entrepreneur or other prominent leader has had the greatest impact on your approach to managing and motivating your team?

John Maxwell, an American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focused on leadership.

How do you go about fine tuning and improving your leadership skills?

I read books :). I have had mentors in the past as well. I love to talk to other entrepreneurs.

Briefly detail a challenge that your business has faced in the last three years. What was the tipping point that led you to tackle the challenge head on? When did you realize your business had survived the challenge and that things were going to turn around?

Definitely the changes Facebook made to their algorithm for business pages. We had put a LOT of our eggs in Facebook. We did fabulous! Then they changed the algorithm. The sales tanked that year! It was so sad. So unexpected!

We have thought long and hard about WHAT IS NEXT? We have had to diversify our offering on Amazon, Etsy, our own website of course and with other vendors such as We are now on Instagram, also. So we have “eggs” in lots of baskets :).

We are doing well now and its nice to get orders from all different places with different type of clients.

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