Hosted Exchange Secure Messaging

Netrepid’s Secure Messaging For Hosted Exchange

Thanks to our commitment to constant development of business technology solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers, we are pleased to announce we now offer an exchange hosted encryption solution for secure email messaging.


This solution is a powerful add-on to our current Hosted Exchange 2013 services for banks, lawyers, medical offices and other businesses that regularly transmit highly sensitive information through electronic messages.


This secure messaging solution gives your business the ability:

  • To store emails with sensitive information locally.
  • To require recipients to login over an ‘https’ connection to view the message.
  • To send secure messages in conjunction with our existing spam filtering for hosted exchange.

encrypted hosted exchange

Send secure messages with encrypted hosted exchange.

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Features Of Our Exchange Hosted Encryption Solution

Currently, this solution is only available to Netrepid customers who use our hosted exchange services. To briefly explain how this service works:

  • Netrepid will work with you to set up content triggers in the header or body of your encrypted emails.
    • For example, typing [SECURE] at the beginning of a message that needs to be secure.
  • Once the secure message is sent, the message is held inside our spam filter.
  • Instead of the email containing the sensitive information, the recipient receives a notification that:
    • They have received a secure message.
    • Details about how they can access the message over ‘https’.
    • A link to review the message.
  • Once they click the link, they will be instructed to create an account if this is the first time they have received a message. This will only need to be done the first time.
  • Then they can review their message, and all secure messages you have previously sent to their email address.

If you regularly send sensitive information via email to customers, clients, vendors or partners but have yet to adopt a solution like this for your business, our encrypted Hosted Exchange solution could be exactly what you need to take your email communications to the next level.

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