Heritage Spirits Distillery, JobHops, Nurse Recommended Enrolled Into Virtual Incubator

Heritage Spirits Distillery, JobHops, Nurse Recommended Enrolled Into Virtual Incubator

Netrepid small business incubator in Pennsylvania
ENOLA, PA — Netrepid announced today that it will be enrolling three early stage startups founded in Pennsylvania into the Netrepid Virtual Incubator program – Heritage Spirits Distillery, JobHops.net, and Nurse Recommended – as a part of its continued effort to help accelerate the growth of a thriving and innovative startup ecosystem in the Keystone state.

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The Netrepid Virtual Incubator was established in January with the mission to enroll three innovative startups founded in Pennsylvania each month into a 12-month business consulting program while also providing technology platforms for each startup valued at up to $6,000 per year.

The early stage startups enrolled into the virtual incubator this month include:

  • Heritage Spirits Distillery of Litiz, PA – a whiskey distillery dedicated to historical preservation of colonial distilling technologies and raising awareness of Lancaster County as the birthplace of American whiskey.
  • JobHops of Lancaster, PA – a professional services, employment listing, and staffing solution website for the craft brewing industry, which employs an estimated 112,000 people with projections to double by 2018.
  • Nurse Recommended of Mechanicsburg, PA – a physician recommendation website where nurses provide the reviews – not patients – allowing for unbiased ratings of doctors by those who work side-by-side with them every day.

“This state’s innovative, entrepreneurial spirit is quickly becoming more than just a ‘best kept secret’,” said Sam Coyl, President/CEO of Netrepid. “These startups are using technology platforms in a unique way to educate, inspire, and make the lives of consumers better. We look forward to helping them grow as we continue to accelerate the growth of this startup-friendly ecosystem.”

Last month, the virtual incubator’s board of advisors – 8 Central PA executives with ties to PA’s tech sector – reviewed 10 applications from startups interested in being a part of the program’s inaugural enrollment. Following the application period, selected startups were asked to conduct a presentation. Following the completion of the presentations and a round of questioning, three startups were selected for enrollment.

In following months, new and recurring applicants will be regularly reviewed, invited to present, and enrolled into the program in a similar manner.

Applications are now being accepted for February and March 2014 enrollment.