Infrastructure Hosting Services

Infrastructure Hosting Services From Netrepid:
Hosted Virtual Desktops And IT Services That Grow With Your Business

Infrastructure hosting solutions from Netrepid keep your technology infrastructure costs scalable and relative to your needs.


Need a redundant, Tier 3-quality facility for colocation? Evolving to a virtual environment? Our infrastructure services allow you to focus on your business while we handle the technology.


No matter the size of your operations, you can still function with the ease and efficiency of a business twice your size with our infrastructure hosting. You pay for only the resources you use, which makes this an affordable and scalable solution for growing businesses.


Our infrastructure hosting also ensures your most valuable business resources are protected by a system far more secure than the lock on your office door. Our solutions can help you meet security standards, redundancy needs and regulatory requirements all for a fraction of the cost of trying to replicate the same infrastructure in-house.

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How Can You Make The Most Of Infrastructure Hosting?

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Featured Services For Our Infrastructure Hosting Services


Our primary infrastructure hosting services and solutions include:


Carrier Internet Services


Let us leverage our partnerships with local Internet carriers to give you the best Internet services for your organization. Our experts understand how to negotiate with service companies to get the solutions you need.


Wireless WAN


When you need a custom communication solution, you can request wireless WAN services. We can help you create your very own WAN network for your telecommunications.




Choose from full or partial rack colocation services to get the exact amount of infrastructure your organization needs. With our colocation services, you’ll get to choose the hardware and space you want to utilize. Then, we’ll provide as many managed services as you need to use your colocation servers effectively.


Virtual Private Servers


virtual private cloud server will give you the functionality of a local server across the Internet. We offer Windows and Linux server capabilities to meet the needs of different small businesses. You can use your virtual server to host websites, virtual desktops, data and much more.


Hosted Desktop Infrastructure


Our hosted desktop infrastructure services provide slightly different capabilities than our virtual desktop solutions. With a hosted desktop infrastructure, you’ll receive more dedicated resources for better performance.


How Do These Infrastructure Hosting Services Operate?


Please note that none of these solutions are multi-tenant – meaning your business maintains full control of the base architecture and functionality for these services. Also, some of these services also serve as a cloud infrastructure solution or a bare-metal infrastructure solution. If you are unsure about which solution is best for your business, our team has the expertise available to help you make the right choice!


IT Infrastructure Hosting vs. Locally Hosted Infrastructure


With infrastructure hosting from Netrepid, you get many benefits over local hosting. The flexibility of IT hosting makes it a valuable resource to organizations of all sizes. With our hosted solutions, you’ll enjoy:


  • More physical space: We house your infrastructure in our data center, giving you more room in your office.
  • Scalability: Our flexible plans let you pay for as much server space as you need to meet your technological goals.
  • Cost savings: Since we charge for the amount of space you choose, you’ll save money compared to buying your own server.
  • Technological potential: Our wide selection of hosting services will give you the power to upgrade your organization’s technology.


What Security Measures Are in Place for Hosted IT Infrastructure?


At Netrepid, we take extensive virtual and in-person measures to protect your information. Our servers feature clustered firewalls that perform deep packet inspection and traffic analysis. As our client, you can also receive guidance on application-level firewalls to install for an extra layer of security. At our data center’s physical location, we use biometrics and security cameras to defend your server 24/7.


How Reliable Is the Netrepid IT Infrastructure Hosting Data Center?


Our infrastructure solutions feature all of the performance benefits associated with our Harrisburg data center. We keep our servers reliable with:

  • Redundancy: Redundant equipment, virtual environments and power greatly improve server uptime compared to competitors.
  • Cooling technology: Leibert Glycol N+1 air conditioning maintains our equipment’s temperature so it can operate in top condition.
  • Annual audits: We receive annual audits for SSAE-16, PCI and HIPAA to maximize our compliance and performance.


Where Do I Learn More About Infrastructure Hosting Services From Netrepid?


We welcome you to get in touch with us for more information about our hosted IT infrastructure solutions in Harrisburg. Learn more about our services by contacting us today.


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