The 6 ?’s Of The Cloud: Jason Bloomberg, Intellyx

Chat-256Editor’s Note: Over the next few weeks leading up to the 2014 NexGen Cloud Conference, we will be publishing exclusive interviews with many of the speakers scheduled to appear. We have prepared six questions for each speaker related to the cloud and cloud services for solution providers, and each speaker has been generous enough to share their answers with us and our blog readers.

Below is the fourth interview in our series featuring Jason Bloomberg of Intellyx. Links to the other interviews in the series are included at the bottom of this interview.

Meet The Speaker

1. Why is it so important for tech companies to embrace the cloud?

“Cloud” is a rather nebulous marketing term that comprises many different approaches and technologies. It includes the various offerings under the IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS labels as well as the pay-as-you-go payment model, on-demand infrastructure and software, outsourced infrastructure, and more. Each one of these elements of the definition of cloud represents a marketplace shift – how customers purchase software, infrastructure, and other elements of their technology portfolio. Tech companies must embrace these multiple forces of change in their business in order to stay in business at all.

2. How do solutions from Intellyx accelerate the future of the cloud for today’s solution providers?

Intellyx is an industry analysis and advisory firm focused on digital transformation and business agility. As such, we help digital professionals understand how all the various technology options available to them fit together and solve their business problems. For solution providers, therefore, we help them communicate their digital transformation and business agility stories to customers in a way that cuts through the hype and confusion and ties solutions to real business problems.

3. Which of the six pillars of the cloud should service providers be most concerned with adding to their portfolio?

There are risks and opportunities for each of the six pillars, and each one leverages a company’s particular strengths. Therefore, add the one that leverages your strengths to solve the most pressing customer problems – advice, of course, that would apply to any business decision.

4. What partners have been instrumental in helping your business take its steps forward with cloud technology?


Chat-256Editor’s Note: To learn what partners have been instrumental in helping Netrepid take its steps forward with cloud technology, please check out our interview from Monday with our President/CEO Sam Coyl.

5. What excites you the most about the NexGen Cloud Conference? Why did you decide to get involved?

The era of cloud hype is finally dying down, and it’s time to get down to real business. I’m hoping to hear real customer success stories that are truly transformative.

6. Can you give me a preview of what attendees are going to learn about building a cloud based digital transformation offering during your presentation at NexGen?

Today, the word digital refers to the fact that human behavior and preferences drive technology use and selection, which in turn drive how companies must interact with their customers. In other words, digital strategies center on the end-user customer. In many cases, enterprises must transform not only their technology, but also their organizations in order to succeed with their customer-facing efforts. The cloud is an important part of this story, but it’s not at the center – the customer is at the center. Cloud service providers would be well-advised to take advantage of this transformation. After all, business always begins and ends with the customer.

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