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Managed Network Services Provided By Netrepid:
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Gone are the days when having an in-house IT professional to manage your network systems and hardware and provide help desk support to your employees was the most efficient and cost-effective solution for a company. More and more businesses are saving money by utilizing Managed IT Services from experienced IT providers to get the most out of their IT investment.


With Netrepid’s Managed Network Services, you get double the IT expertise level for a fraction of the cost of the typical salary for one in-house IT employee. Over the years we’ve developed core competencies in the analysis, design, deployment, and support of network environments and managed services for your IT needs.

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Managed Security And Software Provided By Netrepid


Our managed service products include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Emergency on-site and remote support
  • 24/7 remote monitoring for all servers, PCs, Laptops, computer terminal, and other available network devices
  • Complete system backups for all server data (learn more about our remote backup services)
  • Preventative maintenance on all devices including everything from firewall security to virus protection and system patches
  • Virus protection and Spyware removal
  • Disaster recovery planning


A Managed Service Provider Near You in Harrisburg, PA


We proudly operate our headquarters and data center out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. At Netrepid, we help clients in PA find the right networking solutions for their goals. Thanks to Harrisburg’s easy access to the surrounding area, we can provide on-site assistance to your Central PA organization. When you become one of our customers, you can rest assured that you’ll have our team nearby.


Managed IT Services: Network Design & Support Services


Learn more about our additional network design and support services below.

Server Management


Netrepid offers a full server and PC support. Netrepid will fix any of your PC problems as well as fixing the network you currently use. Netrepid will clean out and correct any problems that have infiltrated your pc and or network.


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Mobile Device Management


Mobile Device Management (MDM), is the ability to secure, monitor, manage and support mobile devices across your organization’s network. Leave the connections for your laptops, tablets and phones to our experts.


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PC Management


Not everyone has a PC guru in the family. The Netrepid team can help you with a myriad of tasks such as virus removal, PC upgrades, Operating System upgrades, and application installation and configuration.


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Reporting / Ticketing


Every Netrepid customer gets access to our support portal, where they can submit a report or ticket at any time. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible when we get your request.


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Data Center Design and Layout


Netrepid can leverage the experience and expertise that exists in house to design and implement an efficient data center that scales to meet your business initiatives and long-term goals. This can include a growth plan to incorporate features such as redundant power, climate control, battery backup, and hardware redundancy utilizing technology such as virtualization. The Data Center can be located at your facility or at Netrepid’s dedicated co-location facility.


Core Systems Upgrades


Netrepid will evaluate and recommend improvements to your core systems such as routers, servers, and any other mission critical systems. If an upgrade is required, we will ensure that information is secure and no data is lost. A core system upgrade will improve your daily operations with added speed, features, security, and manageability.


Switch and Router Management


Netrepid offers switch and router management to assist in the ongoing configurations for your network infrastructure. This can help troubleshoot issues before they become major issues that restrict or prevent network functionality. The goal is to achieve the most stable and reliable connection to your network infrastructure possible as well as the Internet. The switch and router management is often bundled with the Network Monitoring offerings. These provide network visibility to watch, trend, and diagnose network performance and potential issues.


LAN, WAN, and WLAN Design and Support


Netrepid can create designs for local area connections (LAN), wide area connections (WAN), or wireless local area network connection (WLAN). Netrepid can also support these networks to ensure appropriate up time. The vast selection of connectivity options allows Netrepid to create these designs so they perfectly match your throughput needs, connectivity requirements, and growth plans.


NOC Services


Netrepid provides Network Operations Center services. We will manage all networks through our NOC service allowing us to identify solutions for problems or maintain certain conditions that require detailed attention within your network.


Network Monitoring and Management


Network uptime is critical to a productive business environment and managing a network can be a challenging task . Netrepid provides methods and tools to aid in the operation, administration, maintenance, and provision of your network’s systems. Identifying and correcting potential or existing problems is a daily goal of our network management.


Infrastructure Hosting


Netrepid offers a complete hosting solution, including the services needed to run, maintain, and support applications and their supporting interfaces. This includes the management and support of: web servers, planning engines, application servers, network/Internet connectivity, database services, security services, storage, and backup. The data centers, the network, and the hosted environments are maintained and managed by Netrepid in a local business class data center.


Netrepid endeavors to ensure cost-effective availability that allows you to outsource the infrastructure for various IT environments.


Turnkey IT Services


Netrepid will study your businesses’ needs and assemble the most logical collection of services to create a custom solution for you. Netrepid will take care of every step from start to finish. Our team will work with your staff to plan, design, install, configure, and maintenance your IT infrastructure.


Infrastructure Security Services


New technological developments can create new challenges when it comes to protecting your organization’s infrastructure. Organizations frequently lack the staff and skills to analyze and respond effectively to security incidents. Netrepid can help your organization manage risk.


Netrepid can also help ensure the security of your IT infrastructure by evaluating and managing the following situations:

  • Employees use of unapproved and untested devices and programs to access core business applications.
  • Employees working from offsite locations.

Netrepid will continuously monitor and test your system to secure it from any vulnerabilities in order to protect the company IT infrastructure.


The Benefits of Managed IT and Network Services


When you choose Netrepid as your IT partner, you’ll reap the benefits of outsourcing your IT to a local service. Enjoy these advantages:


More Freedom for IT Resources


By enlisting our help with your digital information, you give your IT staff more time and resources to focus on their work. If you have staff working as informal IT, you can leave your technology to us so they can perform their job duties. When you have an existing IT team, we’ll provide extra support to help them excel at their jobs.




With our IT and network managed services, you can choose as many or as few solutions as you need. We can handle every aspect of your organization’s network or offer support capabilities. Plus, you can expand or reduce your services as needed. Let us grow with your organization.


Up-to-Date Technology


The Netrepid experts dedicate themselves to keeping up with modern developments in IT. They understand the current landscape of network solutions and how to leverage them for your business. As our client, you can leave industry updates to us while you work on your organization’s goals.


More Predictable Costs


Our managed services come in the form of plan packages that charge by the month. Under our service agreement, we’ll agree to a consistent monthly fee. Since we take care of the unpredictable elements of technology, you’ll know what costs to expect every month.


Compliant Technology


If you work in an industry such as health care, we can help you comply with technology regulations. Our data center receives annual audits for SOC 2 type 2, HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST and other standards that oversee industry security. With our compliant technology, your patients or clients will have safe and reliable data.


Why Should I Choose Netrepid as My Network Managed Services Provider?


At Netrepid, we are so much more than a service — we are your partner. We work closely with every customer to give them these benefits over the competition:


Scope of Services


As your managed network provider, we’ll give you a range of services that rivals big names. Host your files, remote desktops, websites and much more through our state-of-the-art data center.


Personalized Solutions


Every Netrepid client gets custom-tailored solutions for their technological objectives. Our team will get to know your goals to deliver value-added networking services.




Learn how Netrepid can save you money and get your network technology running more smoothly than ever! Fill out our online contact form today to learn more about our managed IT and ITIL based services, including our pricing, project management approach, and more.