Netrepid Responsibilities

Netrepid Services and Responsibilities

The NOMAD is a powerful device that will be used to scan and collect meaningful data about the client’s infrastructure. The reports and ongoing data will provide visibility and granularity into all facets of the network and associated devices. Actionable intelligence will be provided that can be used to resolve issues, proactively address potential configuration problems and clean up the systems of old, lingering users, configs, and variations in standards.



Netrepid will deliver a pre-loaded NOMAD with high quality components including 16Gb of RAM and SSD. The device will be shipped with power, video and network cables as well. There are series of reports that will be provided to help identify current and potential issues on your network.

Client Risk Report

The report presents you with a summary of your overall risk score based on your scan, along with simple charts to show the problem areas. The report gives a risk score to Active Directory elements as well as operating systems, drive space, internet bandwidth, etc.

Full Network Assessment Report

This report is literally hundreds of pages of end-user network activity and configuration data. This starts with Active Directory and dissects the configuration of all systems with granular detail. Details will be give about

  • Domain Controllers
  • FSMO roles
  • Service Accounts
  • Security Groups
  • Organizational Units
  • User login detail
  • Group Policies
  • Installed Applications
  • Device details
  • Printers
  • Network and Printer Shares