Client Responsibilities and Pricing

Client Responsibilities

The following section outlines the responsibilities of the client as part of this process.

  • Receive the device and keep all packing material
  • Provide a network port that has IP connectivity to all desired subnets (including remote sites to be scanned)
  • Join the device to the domain
  • Provide a Domain Admin account (NOMAD) with Enterprise Admin, Schema and Exchange Admin (if there is an onsite Exchange Server) rights. This needs to have the mimicked rights for SA if there is a SQL server onsite. NOTE: It is not necessary that Netrepid receives the password for this account.
  • Provide a user account called Netrepid that has access to the NOMAD onsite.
  • Participate in conference calls and web demonstrations to review reports and findings.
  • If NOMAD is not desired after initial scans, then the NOMAD will be repackaged in its original packaging and returned to Netrepid. Shipping label will be provided by Netrepid.

Timeline and Process

The process for onboarding the NOMAD and then the continued process for ongoing scans.



  1. The NOMAD needs to be connected to a network port that has IP connectivity to all subnets to be scanned.
  2. The NOMAD must be joined to the domain
  3. A Domain Admin account must be created with permissions to Exchange and SQL if applicable.
  4. IP connectivity will be verified


Initial Scan

  1. WMI/SNMP will be enabled on all devices (if they aren’t already) through GPO or by using the Netrepid prep tool. Nothing will be installed on the end devices.
  2. Initial scan will be started across the organization
  3. Ongoing monitoring tool will be enabled to start discovering potentially monitored devices (switch, router, firewall, server)


Scan Review

  1. A webex will be setup to review the findings of the scans.
  2. The executive summary (Risk Assessment) will be delivered.
  3. Determination will be made to continue scans and deliver the detailed reports. If the decision is to terminate the scans then Netrepid will provide a shipping label to return the device back to Netrepid free of charge.


Ongoing Scans

  1. Scans will be set to run on a regular schedule (weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  2. As scans are completed they will be saved to a secure web based share and email notifications will be automatically sent.
  3. Continue with ongoing monitoring scans and reporting with web login (if selected)


Pricing is based on the number of facilities and users. This proposal will consume all services provided from other services currently in place with Netrepid.


NOMAD delivery and initial scan Delivery of Executive Summary (Risk Assessment) 30 days of real-time scanning and dashboards   $0

Continual Scanning

Delivery of all initial scans (Detailed Report, Asset Report) Regular scans and automatic delivery (weekly, monthly or quarterly)   $1500 one time fee $150 / month for each following month

Continual Real-time Scanning (optional)

Real-time scanning of network devices (switch, router, firewall, server, SAN) Web portal with dashboard   $6 per device per month