Termination Notice For PA Online Services

pa online

We greatly appreciate your commitment to services provided by PA Online over the years. With that said, we regretĀ to inform you that we will no longer be providing dial up internet and email access for four of our sites effective October 1, 2015.


On that date, all dial up Internet will be terminated. Email for the following sites will be also be terminated:

  • paonline.com
  • itech.net
  • pfbonline.net
  • panetwork.com

Please note that this notice does not affect our website hosting or any emails associated with those web domains. Two important dates to be aware of:

  • July 31: This is the final day you will be able to receive technical support from Netrepid related to your email account. After this date, we will no longer be providing any technical support for dial up or residential email services. Note: We will not be offering archiving or mailbox exporting assistance.
  • October 1: On this date, all dial up Internet and residential email services will be terminated.

Please take the time between now and October 1 to find another provider for dial up Internet services. Once you have an account with your new provider:

  • Please notify anyone you need to of your new email address.
  • Please be sure to forward, save, or print out any emails important to you.
  • Know that after October 1, we will no longer provide any email forwarding to other mailboxes.

If you do wish to remain a Netrepid customer, we can offer you email services as part of our website hosting (through a hosted domain) or through Hosted Exchange. Hosted Exchange email accounts start at $7.50 per month, offer improvements in accessibility to your messages, and include all of the features you expect from Microsoft Outlook.


Below are some helpful links for learning more about our Hosted Exchange service.

For more information about website hosting and all of our business technology solutions, please click here.

Any questions related to this service cancellation? Please call 800.577.6981 or contact us.