Public Cloud Vs. Private Cloud Computing Security Issues W/ Charles Weaver Of MSP Alliance

Public Cloud Vs. Private Cloud Computing Security Issues W/ Charles Weaver Of MSP Alliance

By Sam Coyl, President/CEO

The public cloud providers and data security have become a hot issue recently as information about the NSA continues to leak. Most people don’t know what the public cloud is – or that a private cloud option is even available.

For my most recent segment on ‘The Price Of Business’, Kevin Price and I caught up with Charles Weaver of MSP Alliance to discuss some of the recent events and their impact on cloud providers here in the US.

A YouTube clip featuring the full segment (8:30) is embedded right below. Following the clip, I’ve included four of the top takeaways you need to know for keeping your business secure against the threats of the Internet.

What Are The Biggest Challenges Facing Companies Today Related To Data Security?

“General attitudes toward data security providers. Data security and data privacy is front and center now. Until recently, it was a common discussion in the IT business, but everyday people and businesses weren’t thinking about it. Now you’ve got cloud computing, and you’ve got organizations – particularly the US government – who are being accused of looking at our data in the public cloud. While these are public policy issues, we are working to make sure customers of private cloud companies – like Netrepid – are having their data protected and secured.”

Can You Define The Difference Between Public Cloud And Private Cloud?

“The easy answer? Public cloud is something like Google or Microsoft or iCloud, where you don’t necessarily know where the data is residing. You don’t physically know what server, data center, state or country is hosting your information. You can’t trace it directly to a physical place very easily. With private cloud – we can trace it and know exactly where data is located. We can know how its being hosted, protected and secured. Most people aren’t aware private cloud is an option for them.”

What Is The MSP Alliance Doing To Help Put Better Managed Services Standards In Place?

“We have been working together with MSP and cloud providers to provide customers greater transparency, comfort, and assurance that the provider they are using is doing everything they can to protect and secure data. It helps MSPs to be able to give their customers a level of assurance that they are not like the big public cloud vendors who may be indiscriminately giving data away to third parties or letting them access it. “