SharePoint Hosting 2013

SharePoint Hosting Services From Netrepid:
Cloud Hosted Sharepoint 2013 Collaboration Tools

Sharepoint Hosting - Hosted Sharepoint 2013 SolutionsSharePoint hosting services from Netrepid enable your organization with the ability to easily create and manage websites for online collaboration.

Make it easier for your people to work together. With hosted SharePoint, you can set up one web-based destination to:

  • Share information with others
  • Manage documents from start to finish
  • Publish reports to help everyone make better decisions

But SharePoint 2013 hosting is more than just an easy way to deploy one of the industry’s best online collaboration tools. Enhanced security, accessibility from nearly any device, and hundreds of custom apps give it the ability to become the go-to solution for your office management.

Don’t just deploy another intranet portal – accelerate your online collaboration by moving to hosted SharePoint today.

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Features Of Our SharePoint Hosting

Easily Share and Publish Information

  • SharePoint 2013 sites are easy to make. In fact, the full set of features in SharePoint Sites can help anyone build a site from start to finish. Several out-of-the-box features provide instant value by helping a site owner build the first page right away. Still other features make it simple to modify pages—change content, add interaction, or apply a design theme. Novice or expert, anyone can quickly create, customize, and publish a site that looks great and meets a specific business need.

Ensure Broad Adoption

  • SharePoint sites are as easy to use as they are to make. That’s because SharePoint 2013 Sites works so well with other technologies that people use to do their jobs. Connections to Microsoft Office make it a snap to save documents directly to SharePoint sites. Even offline, people can access sites, documents, and lists with Microsoft SharePoint Workspace and synchronize changes just by reconnecting. Plus, cross-browser support and a great mobile experience mean that anyone can access and share content, in the office or on the go.

Deliver Personalized Experiences

  • SharePoint 2013 Sites gives people the content they need, the way they want it. Features such as audience targeting, multilingual interface support, and user tagging provide a highly customized Web experience.
  • Sharepoint 2013 also integrates well with products like Hosted Exchange 2013 and Hosted Lync 2013 for a complete communication and collaboration package.

You Want To See How Much SharePoint Costs?

Review Our SharePoint Pricing Before You Submit Your RFQ.

How We Keep Our SharePoint Hosting Secure

All of our hosted services are protected behind clustered, highly available firewalls. These do deep level packet inspection on all traffic in and outbound. Common ports are blocked and traffic patterns are analyzed. This prevents most malicious hacking attempts.

Regardless, we recommend putting an application level firewall in place for web services. This blocks things like bot scans, malicious scans and entry attempts. It also stops DDOS, site vulnerabilities, and other elements that can cause performance issues with websites. On average we find that this blocks about 25% of the HTTP requests to a website.