Fiction To Reality: Smart Tech Origin Stories [INFOGRAPHIC]

“The Future is Now.” What may have been a generic, faux-catchy phrase, angled at selling you something you probably didn’t need, has turned into a true statement… at least when it comes to the technology that is being developed and cultivated. Asimovian productions of robot housekeepers, driverless cars, automated kitchens, and online education aren’t nearly crazy as they must have seemed when the sci-fi legend made them in 1964.

The year is 2014, and technology drives how people live. Devices that–at one point–were fiction, are slowly but surely becoming a functioning reality. This infographic, provided by, depicts a few examples of devices that were conceived long, long ago, that are now actual devices. You might be surprised with what you find…

Russel Cooke is a journalist, nerd, and customer service specialist based in Louisville, KY. His work tends to focus on software engineering, customer service, and social media, but often drifts into his childhood obsession of comic books and science fiction.