StoreGrid SlideShare Details Benefits Of Netrepid Online Backup Services

StoreGrid SlideShare Details Benefits Of Netrepid Online Backup Services

By Jonathan Bentz, Marketing Manager

vembu storegrid online backup softwareThere are a lot of online backup solutions out there in today’s marketplace. As I learned this week, it can be really hard to tell the differences between all of them. Then, to take the confusion a step further, it’s even MORE difficult to determine why a solution that may work for a small business will not work for an enterprise, and vice versa.

That’s why Netrepid is happy to offer StoreGrid from Vembu Technologies as our enterprise online data backup solution. Learn more about StoreGrid below.

For another SlideShare presentation on the benefits of online backup from Netrepid – powered by StoreGrid – please click here.

It’s been well documented that we live in an age of ‘choice overload’ (h/t to Sheena Iyengar and TED). When you’re searching for solutions to your technology challenges, the first place you go to find your solution – the search engine – only makes the choice overload worse. I mean, when you’re already having trouble making a decision, do you really need 25.7 million results to sort through for ‘online backup solutions.’

Netrepid And StoreGrid: The Online Backup Solution For YOUR Business

In the below SlideShare presentation, we hope you discover that Netrepid and StoreGrid are the solution for your business. Learn the why, what, and how of online backup, what you should look for in a solution, and why our partnership with StoreGrid is the right solution for your online backup needs.

Check it out below.

You know your data needs to be secure. You know you need to access your data when you need it. Thanks to our partnership with StoreGrid, you can do both – without the worry that you made the right choice for your business needs.

Is online backup from StoreGrid the right solution for you? Don’t forget – StoreGrid is available to you ONLY through select partners – like Netrepid.

To get state of the art online backup services from StoreGrid, contact us today for a custom quote, chat with us now for pricing, or call 800.577.6981 to speak to an Account Executive.

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