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How Enterprise IT Trends Changed The Workplace

Netrepid's President - A 15-year Veteran Of Technology And Telecommunications - Offers His Insight On How Enterprise IT Trends Have Changed Today's Workplace By Sam Coyl, President and CEO I was asked recently to take a look back at several enterprise IT trends and how they've changed the workplace over the past 15 years. For starters - OF COURSE things have changed. We...

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Sam Coyl Interviewed On KTEK 1110’s ‘Price Of Business’

Tuesday morning, Netrepid President Sam Coyl caught up with Kevin Price, host of The Price Of Business, to talk about the challenges and process of taking Netrepid from being a local/regional IT services provider to becoming a national provider of cloud-based services. In addition to explaining Netrepid's solutions and how businesses can leverage them to meet today's technology demands,...

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