Wireless Tower Construction

Netrepid’s Wireless Internet Tower Construction

wireless tower construction companyBefore Netrepid evolved into a provider of cloud services, colocation, data backup and infrastructure management – wireless networking and wireless tower construction was our specialty!

We’ve worked on wireless towers for businesses of all sizes across North America — so we’re more than capable of handling your tower construction project!

Netrepid can provide you with a full-service solution for your wireless internet tower following construction, too. Check out the links below to learn more about our full line of wireless network services:

To learn more about our wireless tower construction capabilities, please contact us, chat with us for more details, or call 800.577.6981 to speak to an Account Executive.

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Our Wireless Internet Tower Services

[tab title=”Wireless Tower Surveys”]

Wireless Tower Surveys

Netrepid offers an in depth tower surveys.. The Netrepid team will plot out the proposed site and gather all pertinent information required for the zoning and permitting process, as well as any FCC or FAA requirements. The team will also check for adequate locations for grounding, cable paths, electrical, and drainage.
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Wireless Tower Installations

Netrepid maintains the necessary skills to install towers. The Netrepid team is equipped to handle all facets from excavating for the foundation, tying the rebar, pouring concrete, stacking the tower sections, installing proper safety and grounding equipment, and installing the wireless equipment. Regular inspections are also conducted during this process to ensure proper installation.
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Wireless Tower Inspections and Maintenance

Netrepid will inspect and maintain all towers to ensure performance. Diligent maintenance is key to minimizing disruption to communication flow. Our inspection and maintenance reports fully document the tower, tower site, and associated appurtenances. Full drawings of tower, mounting locations, cable paths, etc. are documented in the report along with photographs of all components of the tower and associated components.