White Paper Wednesday: ‘Top 10 Reasons To Embrace Workshifting’

By Jonathan Bentz, Marketing Manager

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The Top 10 Reasons To Embrace Workshifting

  • workshifting citrixPublisher: Citrix (Presented by Netrepid)
  • Published: January 10, 2014
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 8
  • Size: 394 KB
  • Snapshot: Workshifting is a strategy based on getting work done in the right place by the right people at the right time. It is made possible through a combination of cloud services that allow infrastructure resources to be centralized and delivered as secure, high definition services that enable users to work whenever, wherever on whatever device.
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Our review: It’s very common for Netrepid’s clients to deploy our cloud-based and hosted technology solutions to connect their infrastructure with distributed workforces — and the concept of workshifting falls right in place with that growing trend.

To try and place a definition on workshifting, Citrix explains that it is “a strategy based on getting work done in the right place, by the right people, at the right time.”

As they explain in their whitepaper, workshifting can benefit the bottom line:

  • By moving business processes or entire departments to new locations
  • By allowing for the completion of mergers and office expansion more quickly
  • By providing flexible access to employees in the event of a disaster situation
  • By reducing facility and real estate costs
  • By opening up the employee talent pool

And while traditional infrastructure couldn’t provide the security AND flexibility required to make workshifting a reality in the past, cloud computing is here to stay – which makes the reasons to avoid workshifting seem foolish for today’s growing companies.

This whitepaper then proceeds to go into great detail about the top 10 positive impacts workshifting can have on a business – many of them are briefly listed above, but there are still more. Once those positive impacts are reviewed, the whitepaper also provides tips on how to integrate Citrix cloud and hosted technology solutions – including XenDesktop, GoToMeeting and GoToAssist – into an existing infrastructure to best embrace the trend of workshifting.

As a Netrepid team member who benefits directly from our cloud-based infrastructure and its ability to allow us to embrace workshifting, I can personally attest to the benefits it has provided me as an employee. I can wake up every day about 200 miles away from our headquarters in Central Pennsylvania and be directly connected to my co-workers in a matter of seconds.

  • I can access a fully functioning virtual desktop with Windows 7 on any device
  • I can access critical documents and collaborate with co-workers in real time through SharePoint hosting
  • I can access my email on any device and use Outlook with just a web browser thanks to Hosted Exchange
  • I can hold meetings when necessary at a moment’s notice thanks to communication tools like Lync and GoToMeeting

Thanks to Netrepid’s commitment to embracing workshifting – I can do my job anywhere there is a high-speed internet connection and a fully charged device, everyday.

It’s about time other businesses join the movement, too.

Click here to download Top 10 Reasons To Embrace Workshifting.

You may already be aware of the benefits workshifting can have for your employees – but what impact can it have for your business? Let us know in the comments below!