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Online Collaboration Tools From Netrepid:
The Best Online Platform For Team Workspaces

Whether you have a distributed workforce or a traditional office environment, you can improve your workflow and communication with our online collaboration technologies. Do you want your business to be able to keep all of its emails, calendars, address books and documents on one, secure server? Do you want to dynamically create meetings, share desktops and manage documents from start to finish? We have the solutions to make this all possible!


If these different technologies seem overwhelming or confusing, don’t worry. We work with you to hand-select the collaboration services that meet your specific goals. Our Hosted Exchange allows you to host all of your critical communications with a secure third party, reducing the need for additional dedicated IT resources. Collaboration has never been so easy and affordable!

How Can Your Team Work Better Together?

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Featured Hosted Softwares For Online Collaboration

While nearly any of our cloud services would be a perfect solution for preparing your business to work better together, the following services are used most often by our customers when improving their online collaboration.


Hosted Exchange


Clients looking for a service to enhance their collaboration often choose our hosted Exchange solutions. Our data center will host Microsoft Exchange software for your organization, including email and shared calendars. Encryption and virus protection allow for safe communication across the Internet.


How Does Cloud Technology Enhance Online Collaboration?


Our customers use cloud technology to collaborate across desks, offices and locations. With your data located on our secure servers in Harrisburg, your team can access it from anywhere with a stable Internet connection. Cloud capabilities improve collaboration through:




A cloud server will keep your files in a centralized location where authorized employees can access them. Since cloud storage updates automatically, everyone will have the same version of a document at hand. Easy access to current files leads to better organization across your team.




You can access cloud collaboration tools from anywhere that can connect to the Internet. As a result, your team members can perform work from devices across the world. Cloud technology takes offices to the virtual realm.




With your team relying on our advanced data center, you can rest assured that they will be using dependable cloud technology. Our servers have multiple redundancies to keep them running when one iteration has an outage. You’ll get more opportunities to stay productive with better uptime.




Virtual servers and desktops allow for personalization through user accounts. Depending on the configuration you choose, you can give your employees the opportunity to customize their features for more productive work. Each user will have access to the same resources in formats that work best for them.


Our Online Collaboration Technologies


Due to our robust data center in Harrisburg, we have the resources to provide a wide range of cloud solutions. We provide online collaboration technologies such as:


Virtual Servers


With our virtual server solutions, you get a scalable data solution that fits your needs and budget. We will take all or part of one of our physical servers and create a virtual environment that acts as a standalone server.


Virtual Desktops


A virtual desktop brings the traditional computer desktop to the cloud. Your team can access a desktop profile from the device of their choice.


Why Choose Netrepid for Online Collaboration Tools?


At Netrepid, our clients consider us a partner in their organization’s goals. We meet each customer’s unique needs with:


Personalized Solutions


Every Netrepid client receives a customized package that includes the services they need. We discuss every customer’s goals with them and develop a comprehensive solution.


Range of Services


At Netrepid, you’ll find one of the largest scopes of IT services in Harrisburg. We combine our wide range of solutions to meet every client’s technology requirements.


Where Can I Learn More About Online Collaboration Software and Technologies?


We welcome anyone interested in our online collaboration tools to reach out to us for more information. Find out about our solutions by contacting our team online.


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