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Online Collaboration Tools From Netrepid:
The Best Online Platform For Team Workspaces

Whether you have a distributed workforce or a traditional office environment, you can improve your workflow and communication with our collaboration technologies. Do you want your business to be able to keep all of its emails, calendars, address books and documents on one, secure server? Do you want to dynamically create meetings, share desktops and manage documents from start to finish? We have the solutions to make this all possible!

If these different technologies seem overwhelming or confusing, don’t worry. We work with you to hand-select the collaboration services that meet your specific goals. Our Hosted Exchange allows you to host all of your critical communications with a secure third party, reducing the need for additional dedicated IT resources. Collaboration has never been so easy and affordable!

How Can Your Team Work Better Together?

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Featured Hosted Softwares For Online Collaboration

While nearly any of our cloud services would be a perfect solution for preparing your business to work better together, the following services are used most often by our customers when improving their online collaboration.