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Virtual Server Hosting From Netrepid:
Moving Your Business From The Ground To The Cloud

Virtual server hosting solutions from Netrepid provide an innovative, cost-cutting alternative to traditional, dedicated bare-metal servers.


Our best virtual servers are great for growing companies because they provide the ability to start small and scale up very quickly. Also, since this solution is 100% virtual – it can be completely customized to match your business needs.


With minimal initial costs, low ongoing fees, and the ability to get started in minutes as opposed to weeks, virtual servers provide your business the ability to accelerate its technology evolution from the ground to the cloud at nearly on demand speed.

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What Is Server Virtualization?


The server virtualization process divides a physical server into multiple virtual instances while still maintaining secure isolation from other servers. Each of these divisions acts as a virtual server that our clients can use to store data. With our virtual server solutions, you can store files and applications as well as host your website. At Netrepid, we partner with every customer to provide a custom virtual server solution.

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Microsoft VPS

hosted exchange email hosting

Our best virtual private servers are built on Windows Server 2012. Learn more about our Microsoft virtual servers.


Microsoft Virtual Servers

Linux VPS


Our best open source virtual servers are built on Linux. Learn more about our Linux virtual servers.


Linux Virtual Servers

Price Comparison

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Windows 2012 or Linux? Either way you can still save! Review our virtual server comparisons and pricing before you submit an RFP.


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What Is a Virtual Server?


When you understand what VPS is, it’s easy to see it’s one of the best infrastructure investments you can make.


What Is Server Virtualization?

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Linux vs. Windows Virtual Server Hosting Comparison


Our clients can choose between Windows and Linux virtual servers. While many of our clients use Windows, others enjoy the unique benefits of a Linux server. Learn more about each server’s advantages:


Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019


Most of our virtual cloud servers and private servers run on Windows Server platform. In addition to its ease of use and performance, Windows provides these benefits:


  • Integration with Microsoft products: Microsoft designed Windows Server to work well with the rest of its popular solutions, making it easy to deploy for many businesses.
  • Robust features: Compared to Linux, Windows Server provides more ready-to-use features for the average user.
  • Remote desktop interface: Windows Server comes with a remote desktop interface that you can use such as your favorite devices and apps.


Linux Virtual Server


In some situations, a company may benefit from a Linux server. As an open-source platform, Linux can offer more flexibility for companies with specific needs. The advantages of Linux virtual cloud server hosting services include:


  • Cost savings: Linux’s open-source nature makes it incredibly affordable to obtain and install.
  • Open-source design: As an open-source server, Linux works well with open-source applications.
  • Stability: Since Linux uses fewer resources than Windows, it tends to work more efficiently.

Features Of Our Virtual Private Servers


Windows and Linux virtual servers offer different capabilities. Discover each option’s specifications:




Windows provides robust performance with the following features:

  • Windows 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019 virtual machine (VM)
  • 4Gb of RAM
  • Dual Processor
  • 60 Gb of Storage
  • Phone/Email-based Support



In addition to increased affordability and opportunities for modification, Linux provides these capabilities:


  • Linux VM
  • 1Gb of RAM
  • Single Processor
  • 20 Gb of Storage
  • Phone/Email-based Support




Both of our server types come with service options such as:


  • Managed services packages: You can bundle your virtual server hosting services with a managed service package in which we take care of your server for you.
  • Scalable RAM, processors and storage: Increase or decrease your server’s capabilities to fit changes in your needs and budget.
  • Server backup: Our data center in Harrisburg offers backups on multiple levels to keep your operations running.
  • Migration assistance: Let us help you transfer your current data to your new virtual server.


Benefits of Server Virtualization Solutions From Netrepid


The advantages of Netrepid server virtualization include:


Cost Savings


We can help you save costs on servers and maintenance. You’ll pay a lower cost by using only the parts of our servers that you need.


Great for Web Hosting


Never worry about Bluehost server maintenance again by hosting your website on our fully redundant servers.


More Physical Space


With virtual private server hosting, you can free up the space that the required equipment would use.




All of our virtual servers are protected behind clustered, highly available firewalls. These do deep level packet inspection on all traffic in and outbound. Common ports are blocked and traffic patterns are analyzed. This prevents most malicious hacking attempts.

Regardless, we recommend putting an application level firewall in place for web services. This blocks things like bot scans, malicious scans and entry attempts. It also stops DDOS, site vulnerabilities, and other elements that can cause performance issues with websites. On average we find that this blocks about 25% of the HTTP requests to a website. Our team can recommend firewall applications for your IT team to use for your virtual server.


How Do I Learn More About Virtual Server Hosting in Harrisburg?


Leave the server virtualization process to our experts. Find out more about our virtual server hosting solutions by contacting our team today.