Cloud Computing For Logistics

Netrepid’s Cloud Computing Applications For Logistics

Logistics – these are the most essential details that affect how smoothly your business functions. Without integrated and agile logistics as the backbone of your operations, your business is like a house of cards, risking one gust of wind to bring it all down. Our technology solutions can help you build a solid infrastructure that supports every other aspect of your business.


We provide a host of services that assist in your supply, transportation and maintenance functions, including order fulfillment, procurement, distribution, tracking and more. Our team of professionals is experienced in enterprise-wide logistics integration and transformation programs to help you select the right services to meet your business’s needs.


Whether the challenge is to evolve your mom and pop operation to the next stage, overhaul your worldwide supply chain, manage your distribution and availability of products or keep your equipment in top condition, we deliver only the most effective technology solutions to handle all of these.


Cloud Computing Applications in Logistics and Supply Chain Management


As a data-driven industry, logistics can greatly benefit from the use of cloud computing. Supply chain managers use cloud technology in these aspects of business:


Real-Time Supply Chain Monitoring


Cloud solutions can empower you to track every aspect of the supply chain in real time. With cloud technology, supply chain managers can locate a product at any point in its lifecycle. Depending on how you set productivity benchmarks, you can also check your team’s current performance.


Performance Management


Supply chain systems that use cloud technology collect data across locations for better performance management. You can monitor trends over time to understand your team’s productivity levels. This data can also inform quality improvement strategies for your company.


Internet of Things (IoT)


IoT devices in supply chain management use cloud technology to connect the physical and virtual worlds. RFID tags, sensors, antennas and Wi-Fi-enabled labels can help you track individual items in real time. When you combine cloud and IoT technology, you can manage your supply chain more comprehensively.


Business Continuity


Backups and redundancies in cloud computing enable you to quickly recover from data failure. By keeping a copy of your information on the cloud, you can rest assured that you have easy access to it in case of an emergency. As a result, cloud backups offer peace of mind and increased uptime after data loss.


IT Cost Management


Managed cloud services help you manage your IT costs and infrastructure spending. All-in-one cloud providers like Netrepid provide servers and maintenance so you can focus on other aspects of business. The scalability of cloud computing lets you only pay for the services you need.




Services we offer currently being utilized by clients in the logistics industry include:


Colocation and Virtual Servers


At Netrepid, colocation serves as the base of our cloud computing services. Our data center in Harrisburg, PA has state-of-the-art servers that hold our clients’ cloud data. With our colocation data center services, you can specify the exact amount of server space you need for your business. You can then request our virtual server solutions to manage that storage space through a digital server interface.


Virtual Desktops


Using our cloud solutions, you can create a virtual desktop that enables you to work from anywhere with Internet. Logistics professionals involved with multiple locations can leverage this technology for more productive work.


Application Hosting


As part of our virtual server services, we can assist with setting up a cloud application on your server. Our team will work with you side-by-side to find and install the right logistics software for your company.


Email Hosting


Through our Microsoft Exchange hosting, you can establish a company-wide email server. Microsoft Exchange uses trusted technology to encrypt emails and scan them for viruses to ensure secure communication among your team.


Cloud Data Backup


Improve your resiliency during a data failure by backing up your information on our cloud. Our data center has built-in features to maximize your backup data’s availability.




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How Can I Get Cloud Computing Services for the Logistics Industry?


At Netrepid, we help our clients develop custom cloud solutions across industries. For more information about cloud computing in logistics, contact our team today.