Cloud Computing For Logistics

Netrepid’s Cloud Computing Applications For Logistics

Logistics – these are the most essential details that affect how smoothly your business functions. Without integrated and agile logistics as the backbone of your operations, your business is like a house of cards, risking one gust of wind to bring it all down. Our technology solutions can help you build a solid infrastructure that supports every other aspect of your business.


We provide a host of services that assist in your supply, transportation and maintenance functions, including order fulfillment, procurement, distribution, tracking and more. Our team of professionals is experienced in enterprise-wide logistics integration and transformation programs to help you select the right services to meet your business’s needs.


Whether the challenge is to evolve your mom and pop operation to the next stage, transform your global supply chain, manage your distribution and availability of products or keep highly sophisticated equipment in top notch condition, we deliver only the most effective technology solutions to handle all of these.

Our list of services specific to logistics:

Services we offer currently being utilized by clients in the legal industry include:

  • Email hosting – click here to learn more about hosted exchange!

Organizations that keep Netrepid side by side for logistics:

  • GB International Packing Services
  • … and more!