Our Harrisburg PA Data Center

Netrepid’s Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Data Center:
A Tier-3 Quality Colocation Data Center

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Looking for a data center near you in Pennsylvania? The Netrepid Data Center, located at 2330 Vartan Way in Harrisburg, PA, was built with the highest quality in redundancy and resiliency in mind.


A data center is a centralized location for the sotrage, management and movement of information and data. This data is organized around a specific knowledge group as it pertains to a specific business. The core service we provide from our data center in Harrisburg is colocation.

Features/Functions Of Our Harrisburg PA Data Center


We use state-of-the-art hardware and software to manage our Harrisburg cloud data center. Features and functions include:

data center for hosted video surveillance

  • Tier 3-qualified data center (read our blog post on data center tiers to learn more about what this means)
  • Redundant Gigabit Fiber from Tier 1 carriers (Verizon, Level 3, Comcast Metro Ethernet, Frontier, XO, Lumos)
  • Geographically redundant services in 3 locations around the country
  • Fully redundant core and distribution network equipment
  • Leibert Glycol N+1 air conditioning
  • Fully redundant virtual environment running Citrix, HyperV, KVM and VMware
  • Fully redundant Tier 1 and Tier 2 storage arrays
  • Annual SSAE-16 audit
  • Annual HIPAA and PCI audit
  • Fully redundant power grid with 96 hours of backup runtime
  • Priority PPL power service
  • IP Video surveillance of all angles of the Data Center
  • Key fob controlled access to the building
  • Biometric controlled access to the data center and racks

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Our Data Center Services


Thanks to the power of our data service center, we can deliver a wide range of cloud computing solutions. Our software and hardware handle the technology, while our experts take care of upkeep and support. As our partner, all you have to do is use the technology that we manage on your behalf. With the Netrepid data center’s robust computing and storage capabilities, a full scope of technological solutions becomes possible. We offer these services through our data center:




Colocation serves as the core of our data center services. Our colocation service involves hosting your organization’s servers at our facility. We take care of all of the software and hardware, including networking equipment and telecom services. As one of our customers, you’ll get access to state-of-the-art technology. Our colocation data center holds all of the devices and information you need to start cloud computing.


Virtual Desktops and Servers


Virtual desktops and servers take the place of their physical counterparts to save you time, effort and money. Each of our virtual desktops stores a desktop operating system on the network that you can access from anywhere. Meanwhile, virtual servers work similarly, storing your data remotely with secure internet access. With these services, we store the technology on our site, and you access it from your network.


Web Hosting


At Netrepid, we host thousands of websites on our data servers. In other words, we keep your website’s information on our servers for visitors to access using your website address. When you host your website with Netrepid, it gets the same high level of security as our other information services. Our data center firewalls protect it from hacking attempts, and we offer additional firewall services for further defense.


Hosted Exchange


You can also find Microsoft Exchange servers in our data center that enable us to host powerful email solutions for companies like yours. As one of our Exchange customers, you’ll get access to all the functionality of your server. Microsoft Exchange lets you manage your email through a desktop application or the internet. We protect all of our clients’ Exchange data with backups, firewalls and spam protection.


How Our Harrisburg Data Center Is Networked


Our virtual data center in Harrisburg consists of a network of core switches, firewalls and routers designed for speed and security. Your information will go through multiple layers of security while staying easily accessible to authorized users.

Data Center Network Diagram Netrepid Harrisburg PA

Our Harrisburg Data Center Power Grid Configuration


The Netrepid data center power grid includes multiple power backups in case of an emergency. We have four different uninterruptible power supplies to ensure that your servers stay up during an outage.

Data Center Power Grid Netrepid Harrisburg PA


Learn More About Colocation Server Hosting in Harrisburg


Businesses and organizations across the world use colocation to supercharge their computing capabilities. With our data center managed services, you’ll get access to remotely managed, top-of-the-line software and hardware. Discover the benefits of becoming our partner by contacting our team today.