Cloud Computing For CPAs

Netrepid’s Cloud Computing For Accounting Firms

Every day you track data, crunch numbers and balance budgets in an effort to keep everything adding up for your clients just as it should. Our technology solutions are among the most valuable tools you need to keep this important information safe, secure and organized.


Accounting firms who have used our services find they help to create a solid infrastructure, streamline the flow of data, and enable access to your accounting systems wherever and whenever you need it.


More than just a vendor, we want to be your strategic partner that works with you side by side to hand-select the right technology solutions, implement them within your organization and provide ongoing maintenance and support when you need it the most.


As an accounting professional, you have an eye for how things add up. Our technology solutions really have an impact on your business by helping you to function at the highest level of accuracy, security and efficiency.



Benefits of Cloud Computing in Accounting Firms


Accounting firms using cloud computing experience a wide range of benefits compared to traditional on-premises computing. With cloud solutions, your business can take advantage of:




Today’s cloud solutions have unparalleled security features that meet or exceed traditional technology. Measures like encryption, passwords and backups ensure that your data stays safe. At Netrepid, we provide added security for even better information protection.


Real-Time Updates


Many cloud systems operate in real time, enabling you to get updates on your financial information as changes happen. As a result, you can perform up-to-date reports on financial performance.


Collaboration Capabilities


Cloud computing enables multiple users to access and update the same data in real time. Your team will gain the capability to collaborate across locations on the same project.




Since you can access a cloud system from anywhere with Internet, the world will become your workplace. Cloud computing enables you to work remotely wherever your job calls.


Cost Savings


With a cloud computing service plan, you’ll save money on infrastructure and IT labor. Netrepid clients can choose the services they need to optimize their spending on cloud solutions.


Cloud Computing Services From Netrepid


We offer scalable cloud computing solutions that our customers adapt to their needs. Our robust data center enables us to provide a suite of services that includes:




Our data center colocation services lie at the heart of our cloud computing solutions. As a colocation customer, you’ll rent out server space from our data center in Harrisburg, PA. You can then use this storage to power the rest of our cloud services.


Virtual Servers


virtual server from Netrepid offers the capabilities of an on-premises server in a digital space. Our clients use their virtual servers to store data, host websites, run applications and much more.


Virtual Desktops


Take your workspace wherever you go with our hosted virtual desktops. This solution will enable you to access your desktop and applications from the device of your choice.


Application and Website Hosting


With our virtual servers, you can host your company website or set up an accounting application. These technologies empower you to communicate with your clients and team more effectively.


Email Hosting


Secure your email correspondence with Microsoft Exchange hosting. We’ll manage this encrypted email platform on your server while you safely send and receive private information.


How Will Netrepid Protect My Cloud Computing and Accounting Information Systems?

At Netrepid, we use state-of-the-art security and redundancy to protect your data. Our data center includes these features for data defense:

  • A fully redundant virtual environment, equipment, Internet and power
  • Geographically redundant services in three locations
  • Physical security measures such as biometrics and security cameras
  • Firewall technology that performs deep-level packet inspection on all inbound and outbound traffic


How Can I Learn More About Cloud Computing Accounting Systems?


For more information about cloud computing in accounting, get in touch with our team. We can discuss your options and how to best use our services for accounting systems.