Enterprise Technology Strategies

Enterprise Technology Strategies for a Range of Industries

As technology grows more complex, businesses across industries are turning to technology service providers for help storing and securing their data. As a result, cloud computing may play a key role in your business’s ability to remain competitive.

At Netrepid, we offer a range of cloud computing solutions, including colocation, application hosting and infrastructure hosting. These services can help solve the challenges you face and take your enterprise’s technology to the next level. Learn more about the solutions we offer and the industries we serve below.



Our Cloud Computing Services


Whether you want a single cloud computing service or a comprehensive solution, Netrepid can help you accelerate your technology. Located in Harrisburg, PA, our data center provides a centralized location for the offsite storage, movement and management of your data. Some of the solutions our state-of-the-art data center powers include web hosting, colocation, hosted exchange and virtual desktops and servers. We keep your data secure behind clustered firewalls that analyze all inbound and outbound traffic.


Cloud Computing for Industries Such as Yours


At Netrepid, we understand that every industry has unique needs when it comes to cloud computing. We work closely with every client to identify a combination of services that will provide the greatest benefits. This ensures you receive technology strategies that are right for you — not just options that follow the latest trends.

We provide cloud computing for businesses in a wide range of industries, including the following:


  • Accounting: Accounting firms handle large volumes of data. Businesses in the accounting industry can use our cloud computing services to keep data organized, streamline data flow and provide access to accounting systems whenever and wherever it’s needed.
  • Banking and finance: Businesses in the financial services sector need cloud services to keep up with industry trends and better serve customers. Our solutions use encryption, redundancies and other security strategies to keep your financial data secure and your business compliant.
  • Software development: Software developers use our cloud computing solutions to make collaboration easier and gain insight from performance data, all while preventing the project-stalling problems onsite IT issues can cause.
  • Education: Technology has become one of the most cost-effective tools schools use to provide quality education. We can host your school’s website for you, keeping it fast and secure and preserving your professional internet presence.
  • Government: We serve government bodies by providing secure and efficient hosting services. At Netrepid, we can help you improve collaboration between agencies, build public trust and cut costs.
  • Law: Our services allow law firms to securely manage their data, keeping it organized and improving practice management in the process.
  • Medicine: We maintain Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance, so health care providers can use our solutions to minimize the resources they spend on IT and maximize the time they have to serve patients.


We also serve businesses in logistics, transportation, nonprofit and other sectors. No matter what industry you serve, working with a cloud service provider can help you access new technology sooner, lower the risk associated with trying new technologies and reduce the amount of money you spend managing your data in-house.

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