Business Web Site Hosting Services

Best Business Web Hosting Services From Netrepid

business class website hosting servicesNetrepid offers website hosting services to allow customers to view your information at any time. Netrepid will host your website on a strong connection with FREE technical support by phone or e-mail as well as giving you live and local support.


Our website hosting solutions are perfect for businesses that need the extra attention, security, and support the major web hosts simply cannot provide. Our Tier 3-quality Data Center is also fully redundant – ensuring your site won’t fall due to routine server maintenance and other common problems caused by major national hosting providers.

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Managed Website Hosting Services From Netrepid

Netrepid hosts thousands of websites. The Netrepid server farm supports both Windows and Linux servers. There is an available MySQL and MS SQL cluster for database needs as well. Website Hosting services from Netrepid provides the following features:

  • Redundant servers
  • Data Center services
  • Support for Windows and Linux needs
  • Support for MySQL and MS SQL database needs

With all of our website hosting customers, Netrepid will follow the process outlined below:

  • Ensure access to primary DNS registrar (all of our clients provide DNS information and login access prior to website migration).
  • Create website store on the Netrepid servers
  • Migrate existing site data to the Netrepid servers (note: some additional fees may apply)
  • Test functionality to the site
  • Direct DNS A record to point to the Netrepid server
  • Verify functionality

You Want To See How Much Our Site Hosting Costs?

Review Our Web Hosting Prices Before You Submit Your RFQ.

How We Keep Our Managed Web Hosting Secure

Like all of our hosted services, our managed web hosting services are protected behind clustered, highly available firewalls. These firewalls do deep level packet inspection on all traffic inbound and outbound. Common ports are blocked and traffic patterns are analyzed. This prevents most malicious hacking attempts.


In the particular case of our managed web site hosting, additional firewall services can be provided at both the firewall and control panel level. These can be configured to provide additional scrutiny to all traffic as needed.


Regardless, we recommend putting an application level firewall in place for web services. This blocks things like bot scans, malicious scans and entry attempts. It also stops DDOS, site vulnerabilities, and other elements that can cause performance issues with websites. On average we find that this blocks about 25% of the HTTP requests to a website.

Domain Registration

Note: Netrepid is also a reseller of ICANN accredited registrar. As such, we are required to provide links to official information from ICANN related to Registrants Benefits and Responsibilities and ICANN’s site for Registrant Education.   Netrepid offers you the service of registering your domain name. This will allow your business to have a unique domain name that no other company will be able to use.