Spam Filtering Service

Spam Filtering Service From Netrepid:
Protecting Your Network With The Best Spam Filter

Netrepid’s Anti-Virus and spam filter is designed to eliminate annoying, offensive and malicious emails from your network while never losing a valid email.


Millions of spam messages circle the internet every day, clogging email servers and often causing irreversible damage to an enterprise or corporate network if they aren’t detected.


Our spam filtering appliance uses advanced techniques to effectively block spam at your online “door” before it ever reaches your users inbox. Because it is a gateway system hosted in our cloud, there is no need to install any software or hardware.


Deploy this system in tandem with our hosted exchange solutions for an enterprise-quality email solution without the need for additional dedicated IT resources.


Allow yourself some peace of mind that your network will stay safe and focus on the needs of your business. Our emerging technology solutions will keep your most important communication channel safe and secure.

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You Want To See How Much Our Spam Filter Costs?

Review Our Spam Filter Pricing Before You Submit Your RFQ.

Features Of Our Spam Filtering and Anti-Virus

  • Leading edge Microsoft Exchange hosted filtering techniques
  • Don’t want to switch to hosted exchange? No problem! Our spam filter is compatible with your existing email servers and Outlook installations
  • Individual quarantines for each mailbox
  • SMTP spam filter (POP spam filter and IMAP options also available)
  • Automatic updates of the software, rule sets and spam filter words

Addtional Spam Filter Features

  • Protocols – uses the SMTP protocol over TCP port 25. It can work in both IPv4 and IPv6 environments simultaneously.
  • Temporary Storage – store messages locally for a period of 5 days by default in the event that the destination server is unavailable.
  • Backscatter – issue standard SMTP rejection codes during the SMTP transaction in the following cases.
  • Email Security – protects users from seeing other users data, settings and incidents. Also allows for additional authentication and integration methods.
  • Profiles – provide the ability for end users to manage their own settings and options.
  • Authentication and Authorization – provides built-in capabilities to authenticate users based on Active Directory, LDAP, and IMAP/POP3
  • Mail Statistics – provides detailed reports about the mail that is has processed. Reports can be generated for the system as a whole or for specific domains.

You Want To See How Much Our Spam Filter Costs?

Review Our Spam Filter Pricing Before You Submit Your RFQ.

Interested In Reselling Our Spam Filtering Service?

spam filter reseller - hosted spam filtering reseller programIn addition to providing one of the best cloud hosted spam filtering services on the market directly to companies looking to protect their Outlook and Exchange email platforms, Netrepid also offers a ‘robust’ cloud hosting reseller and partner program rated as one of North America’s top options by CRN.


Managed services providers, IT consulting firms and technology providers looking to grow their revenue by reselling a cloud hosted spam filter – or any of our other enterprise technology services – are encouraged to review our program and apply for consideration.


To learn more, please review our partner program qualifications or submit an application to get enrolled.