Our Best Hosted Exchange 2013

Microsoft Hosted Exchange Provided By Netrepid:
Accelerate Your Email Hosting In Minutes, Not Weeks

Netrepid is the best hosted exchange providerHosted Exchange provided by Netrepid can help your business bring down the excessive costs of running Exchange in-house without the need for additional dedicated IT resources.

If you are experiencing the following with your existing Exchange:

  • Reliability and downtime issues
  • A need for increased support related to mobile devices
  • Your IT staff simply needs more time to focus on other initiatives

Then hosted exchange is an easy to deploy solution for your business.

Exchange upgrades can also be costly and time consuming for internal deployments. Increasing hardware resource needs, redundant components, licensing, and spam filtering can all add up to a very costly solution before labor costs are even calculated.

With minimal initial costs, low ongoing fees, and the ability to get started in minutes as opposed to weeks, hosted exchange can accelerate the technology evolution of your business at nearly on demand speed. This is the best hosted exchange solution we’ve ever provided our customers – and we look forward to working side by side with you as you accelerate your technology with this critical communication upgrade.

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smtp port 587 settings

This solution is a powerful add-on for companies that transmit highly sensitive personal information across e-mail.

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Exchange Pricing

economics of enterprise it

Cheap email hosting has nothing on hosted exchange. Review our hosted exchange pricing before you submit an RFP.

Hosted Exchange Pricing

Hosted Exchange?


When you understand what hosted exchange is, it’s clearly one of the best upgrades you can make.

What Is Hosted Exchange?

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Features Of Our Best Hosted Exchange 2013

  • Email hosting on our 2013 Exchange servers with the following features:
    • Backups
    • Redundant server cluster
    • Redundant power
    • Redundant internet
    • Redundant cooling
    • Redundant hardware infrastructure
  • 25Gb mailboxes per user (this can also be pooled as a large block of storage across all users)
  • Spam Filtering And Virus Protection – trust your email’s safety!
  • Outlook Web Access included – access your email anywhere, anytime!
  • Active Sync for ALL mobile devices
  • IMAP/MAPI/POP support
  • Shared calendaring
  • Encryption for data in transit
  • Redundant server cluster, power, internet, cooling and hardware infrastructure
  • Exchange server backups
  • Phone/Email-based support

Additional Hosted Exchange 2013 Features:

  • Shared calendars and scheduling – for enhanced team collaboration!
  • Server-based Auto Archive – to solve your archiving, compliance, regulatory and eDiscovery needs!
  • Migration Assistance
  • Public Folders And Resource Mailboxes

How We Keep Our Hosted Exchange Secure

All of our hosted services (including hosted exchange) are protected behind clustered, highly available firewalls. These do deep level packet inspection on all traffic in and outbound. Common ports are blocked and traffic patterns are analyzed. This prevents most malicious hacking attempts.

Regardless, we recommend putting an application level firewall in place for web services. This blocks things like bot scans, malicious scans and entry attempts. It also stops DDOS, site vulnerabilities, and other elements that can cause performance issues with websites. On average we find that this blocks about 25% of the HTTP requests to a website.