Netrepid Hotline

At Netrepid, we have made a commitment to the highest standard of ethical behavior among all in our community. As a part of that commitment, we believe that our employees and clients should be able to raise questions or voice concerns about workplace, behavior and company issues. This includes financial matters such as fraud, theft of Netrepid or Client assets, or conflicts of interest; and other misconduct or violations of Netrepid policy, including data compliance matters, discrimination, compliance issues, or sexual misconduct.
Individuals can report issues via phone at 1-855-662-SAFE (1-855-662-7233) orĀ online. You may need to use Company ID number 8728771408 when making reports.
All reports can be anonymous so you can help maintain an ethical workplace and client relationship without fear of retaliation. We have made a commitment to ethical behavior and are asking you to do the same. If you witness questionable activity in the workplace, report it.

  • All reports to the hotline can be anonymous.
  • An independent third party, SafeHotline, administers the hotline on behalf of Netrepid.
  • The operators answering the calls are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are trained in making callers feel at ease and gathering information that will enable the University to fully investigate the issues raised.
  • The hotline system allows an individual to follow up, either by telephone or the Internet, to obtain status updates. They can be accessed by using passwords related to the specific complaint.
  • When something is reported, it is forwarded to our office where the concerns are investigated or sent on to another appropriate Netrepid department for investigation.