Cloud Computing For Lawyers

Netrepid’s Solutions: Cloud Computing For Law Firms

In the legal industry, professionalism and security are two of the most important assets for your business. Without the best cloud computing and technology solutions, your law firm is at risk of losing both at any time.


Your clients rely on you to keep their information organized, accurate and accessible. Our cutting edge technology solutions can help you create a stable infrastructure that will improve:


Within one unified system designed to adhere to the strictest security standards, including HIPAA and PCI compliance.


No matter the size of your organization or law office, you deserve to have your own technology team of professionals ready to help you at a moment’s notice. We are more than just a vendor, we are your strategic technology partner, working with you side by side to find the best solutions for your business and guide you from implementation through continued maintenance and troubleshooting.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Lawyers


Thanks to advances in cloud security, law firms can take advantage of cloud computing’s benefits. When you implement cloud technology in your law practice, you can improve these aspects of your work:




Today’s cloud computing solutions have security features built-in on multiple levels to protect your data from breaches. Compared to on-site data storage housing, cloud storage can have better defense against online threats. Our cloud computing solutions feature both physical and virtual security measures.




With cloud computing, you can keep your data and software in the same storage. With all of your information in one place, your team can maintain more accurate records. They will also have better access to current data for more efficient work.




Many law practices have remote workers, more than one worksite or work to do outside of the office. The centralized nature of cloud computing will enable your team to work on documents in real time across locations.




When you count on a cloud provider, you can choose to have them take care of maintenance. At Netrepid, we offer cloud computing packages that use our servers. With these services, we’ll manage server upkeep so you can focus on your firm’s goals.




A comprehensive cloud computing solution includes multiple backups and redundancies to keep your data available. Cloud systems empower you to perform fast recovery during emergencies with accessible data states. At Netrepid, we have redundant software and hardware to keep our servers running.




Services we offer currently being utilized by clients in the legal industry include:




Our colocation data center services serve as the base for our cloud computing solutions. With colocation, you’ll rent out server space in our data center to hold your cloud technology. We implement state-of-the-art security and redundancy to keep our clients’ information safe at all times.


Virtual Servers


As a client of our virtual server solutions, you’ll have your rented space converted into a digital server space. We offer two types of virtual servers with different interfaces to fit our clients’ needs.


Hosted Exchange


By hosting a Microsoft Exchange server on your behalf, we enable you to send and receive secure emails. Microsoft Exchange includes encryption and calendar sharing for secure collaboration. We can also connect Exchange to your website to give you professional email addresses.


Remote Backup


Request our remote backup services to have your data uploaded to our cloud. We’ll set up software that sends your files to our cloud storage for fast recovery after data failure.


Website Hosting


If your firm needs a business website, we welcome you to host it on our servers. You can use our virtual servers to hold your website data and get domain name support.




We proudly work with law organizations in Harrisburg, PA and beyond. Our clients include:


  • Andreozzi & Associates, P.C.
  • Crimewatch
  • Dauphin County District Attorneys Office
  • Kautz Law
  • Laguna Reyes Maloney, LLP
  • … and more!


Where Can I Learn More About Cloud Computing?


Let’s discuss how you can use cloud computing to securely manage your data. We welcome you to contact us online today for more information.