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As technology grows more complex, businesses across industries need cloud services to help them stay competitive and efficient. At Netrepid, we offer a wide range of services to help you bring your technology into the cloud. From remote backup to website and application hosting services, we have options to address a variety of business challenges and needs.


Our Cloud Provider Services


Working with an experienced cloud services provider can allow your company to save money and try out new technologies with less risk. Some of the enterprise technology services we offer include:


  • ColocationColocation is a less expensive way to handle infrastructure and involves housing your servers in an offsite data center.
  • Hosted exchangeWhen you let Netrepid host Microsoft Exchange on your behalf, your organization can experience increased reliability and support for mobile devices, as well as improved security.
  • Remote backupRemote backup protects your mission-critical data and ensures uninterrupted operations in the event of a disaster or infrastructure failure.
  • Server managementOur server management service takes care of maintenance and other tasks for you, freeing up your IT resources to focus on higher-level work.
  • Spam filteringOur spam filter service eliminates annoying and malicious spam emails from your network, so you can work more safely and efficiently. Because our spam filtering solution is hosted in the cloud, you won’t need to install additional hardware or software.
  • Virtual desktopsVirtual desktops give employees access to their traditional Windows desktops from any device, anywhere in the world. We can host virtual desktops for you to reduce operating and equipment costs and help you adopt a mobile working strategy.
  • Virtual serversVirtual servers can host websites, applications, company data and more without the hassle and high start-up costs associated with onsite servers. At Netrepid, our virtual servers are fully scalable and customizable.
  • Website hostingOur website hosting services ensure customers can reach your website at all times. We offer both dedicated and shared web hosting services, so you can choose a solution that meets your needs and budget.
  • Managed Network Services: Managed security and software.
  • IT Managed Services: Custom IT strategy package.

How We Keep Customer Data Secure


At Netrepid, we protect our servers, web services and hosted services behind clustered firewalls. These firewalls inspect all inbound and outbound traffic, analyze traffic patterns and block common ports to prevent malicious attacks. Our data center also maintains Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.


Our Cloud Hosting Partner Program


In addition to offering enterprise technology services directly to end users, we also run a cloud hosting reseller and partner program. If you meet the partner qualification requirements, this program could allow your technology company to begin offering cloud service technology to your customers. To enroll, please submit an application.

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At Netrepid, we have over 20 years of experience providing technology services to customers in Harrisburg, PA, and beyond. To ensure you get a solution that moves you toward your organizational goals, we will work to understand your needs and recommend a combination of services tailored to your business. If you’re interested in moving your technology to the cloud, get in touch with us today.