Transportation Cloud Computing

Netrepid’s Travel & Transportation Cloud Computing:
Accelerating Intelligent Transportation Systems

Throughout the history of transportation, the parts of the industry that excelled were the ones that looked to technology to improve their processes and efficiency.


Our solutions give you that competitive edge by improving safety, security and overall passenger experience. We can converge your networks to enhance your mobility and productivity. What this really means for you is that we will help you do your job quickly, accurately and safely with technology solutions designed to overcome the unique challenges of the transportation industry.


The variety of these solutions can be overwhelming, which is why we will partner will you to custom select the services that will help you meet your exact needs. We will also guide you every step of the way from implementation through ongoing maintenance and support.


We recognize the importance of the transportation industry to the progress of our society. You help keep us moving forward and we want to do the same for you!


Applications of Cloud Computing in Transportation Systems


Thanks to cloud computing’s flexibility, transportation businesses can adapt this technology to a wide range of applications. Discover the use of cloud computing in these areas of the travel industry:




In the trucking industry, businesses need to keep track of their fleets to stay competitive. A combination of cloud computing and GPS technology allows fleet managers to get real-time information on every truck in transit.




Towing operations can use cloud-based, industry-specific software to keep track of the vehicles involved in their businesses. By monitoring the status of the towing truck and the towed vehicle, the software gives the user a better understanding of the job.


Public Transportation


Public transportation systems across the world use cloud computing to run more smoothly. Some cities monitor and forecast traffic to make transit easier for everyone involved. Others keep track of delays and passenger counts to inform citizens.


Railroads and Airlines


Private transportation companies like railroads and airlines manage passengers and routes through cloud technology. They can inform travelers of delays and available seats using real-time data. Company staff get to perform their jobs more efficiently through faster ticket scanning and information lookup.




Companies that ship goods by land, sea and air all benefit from cloud technology. Cloud software enables businesses to track packages and cargo as they pass through different checkpoints. It also empowers them to manage vehicles during transit.


Featured Solutions Used By Our Transportation Clients

Our list of services specific to the transportation industry:


Colocation and Virtual Servers


Our data center in Harrisburg, PA serves as the foundation of our cloud computing solutions. We house the servers that hold our customers’ data for a variety of cloud services. With our server colocation services, you can rent part of our infrastructure for your files, applications and websites. For simple data management, you can also choose to manage your data through a virtual server.


Hosted Exchange


When you need a dedicated and secure email system for your business, consider our hosted Exchange solutions. We can host a Microsoft Exchange server for your company that gives you an email interface and stores your message content.


Cloud Backup


For fast recovery during a data failure, count on our cloud backup services. We’ll install software on your systems that uploads your files to our secure servers. Our data center will keep your information available through redundancies at multiple levels.


Spam Filtering


Clients who have their own email servers can add our spam filtering and anti-virus for extra security. These solutions work with our Exchange services as well as with email platforms from other providers.


Website Hosting


Host your website or web application on our secure cloud servers in Harrisburg. We offer shared hosting for small business websites and dedicated hosting for more complex needs. Our hosting services include all of the features you need to run a modern site.


Transportation Providers That Keep Us Side By Side

  • S & H Express
  • H & S Towing
  • Hoffman Excavating, Inc.
  • Cumberland Keuka Company
  • J.P. Donmoyer Inc.
  • Klinge Corporation
  • … and more!


How Can I Learn More About Cloud Computing for the Travel Industry?


Let us help you find the right cloud solutions for your transportation business in Harrisburg and beyond. We welcome you to contact our team online at any time for assistance.