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Hosted Dynamics CRM Solutions From Netrepid:
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hosted microsoft dynamics crmNetrepid is a provider of a wide variety of cloud hosted services. Some of our most popular options are hosted services powered by Microsoft – including hosted Dynamics CRM.


If you want a CRM solution that can be customized to the specific needs of your business – without the added costs and headaches of the infrastructure – then hosted Dynamics CRM from Netrepid may be the right solution for you!


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More On Hosted Dynamics CRM From Netrepid

  • Netrepid’s Hosted Dynamics CRM offers the power of choice in deployment. You can implement in the cloud, on-premises, or have your solution privately hosted by Netrepid. You can even change your deployment type, if the need arises.
  • With Netrepid’s Dynamics CRM Online, you are able to scale the number of users up or down, based on your business requirements.
  • The Netrepid’s Dynamics CRM Online architecture provides you with complete autonomy over how you operate, manage, configure, and secure your CRM solution.
  • Customer and user administration features are designed to increase self-reliance. You have complete control over all aspects of data structure, user experience, business intelligence, and business process management.

  • Netrepid’s Hosted Dynamics CRM Online has an end-to-end approach to security that begins with the development of the application through to the service’s operations and management.
  • The solution is managed by highly skilled network operations personnel in Netrepid’s data centers, having achieved ISO accreditation and SAS70 Type II attestation.
  • Netrepid has applied state-of-the-art technology, culture, and processes to maintain consistent and reliable access, security, and privacy for every user.
  • Although housed in the Netrepid cloud, customer data is owned by the customer and is never used by Netrepid for data mining purposes.
  • Unlike other hosted CRM solutions, there is no co-mingling of customer data. Customers are provisioned with their own customer database to maximize the security and integrity of their data.

  • Netrepid’s considerable operational expertise and investment in cloud services deliver peace of mind.
  • Netrepid offers a wide area data center footprint with facilities located throughout the county that are managed and operated directly by Netrepid.
  • Many aspects of the Netrepid’s Dynamics CRM Online system are configured in a redundant manner to eliminate single points of failure.
  • Netrepid provides 99.9% uptime with one of the industry’s only financially backed service level agreements (SLA).

  • Netrepid’s Hosted Dynamics CRM Online simplifies the management experience by providing ongoing application monitoring and maintenance. As a result, your IT staff can focus more on supporting the priorities of your business.
  • With Netrepid’s Dynamics CRM Online, staff can quickly deploy and add users at a moment’s notice. This drives rapid business impact, helping you realize quicker time-to-value.
  • New versions or updates to the software are easily distributed to you, without the interruption and management of costly patching and upgrades.
  • Netrepid’s Hosted Dynamics CRM is an affordable solution with flexible payment options that helps you forecast costs over time. With pay-as-you-go pricing, you can transform capital expenditures into predictable operating expenses.