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How Netrepid Helps Healthcare Providers Accelerate To The Cloud

A provider of Long Term Acute Care that operates nearly 30 facilities across the US will save millions in capital expense by hosting their IT infrastructure in the cloud with Netrepid.


Healthcare IT Challenges Faced By This Long Term Acute Care Hospital

Expansion and aging technology presented a leading Long Term Acute Care Hospital’s (LTACH) IT staff with the challenge of replacing a shared data center with a new infrastructure.


They faced a common challenge presented to many growing companies:

Should they build a new onsite data center or find an offsite hosting provider to do the job?


Whatever the solution, it needed to have a scalable, rapidly deployed platform for improving technology across the organization. The solution also needed to meet the rigorous user experience and regulatory requirements facing the healthcare industry.


Healthcare IT Solutions Presented By Netrepid

Careful evaluation of all options presented a clear path to hosted services provided by Netrepid. The combination of services from Netrepid provided:

  • A scalable infrastructure backed by rigorously tested security.
  • Extreme focus on user experience that could be rapidly deployed.
  • No dependency on location, user device, or dedicated hardware.

To learn more about how we help healthcare providers accelerate their technology with cloud computing, click here.


Results Produced By Accelerating To The Cloud

The benefits of choosing Netrepid were instantly apparent. Deployment time decreased. User experience improved. Less technical support was needed. Nearly zero capital expense was invested.

Other benefits of accelerating to the cloud included:

  • Relief from a nearly $2.5 million capital expense.
  • “Bring Your Own Device” at each facility, a hit with visiting physicians and staff.
  • Reduced “on-boarding” time for new acquisitions from months to a few weeks.
  • Identified areas where data breaches could have initiated a HIPAA audit.

To learn more about how we help healthcare providers accelerate their technology with cloud computing, click here.


Netrepid Services & Solutions

Cloud Backup For Business Disaster Recovery Hosted Exchange Secure Email Sharepoint Hosting Virtual Desktops

EHR/EMR Solution

LTACH By The Numbers

Established: 2006 Facilities: 28 Employees: 1000 - 5000 Beds: 1250+

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