Netrepid Hosted Services Product Service Level Agreement


  1. Service Description:  Netrepid’s Hosted Services product which provides connectivity to hosted services located with and operated by Netrepid.
  2. Netrepid’s Service Level Commitment.  Netrepid offers a service level agreement on all Hosted Services.  Netrepid reserves the right to review and deny any credits under this section claimed by Customer, should Customer’s claim, in Netrepid’s reasonable judgment, not meet the criteria established for such claim.

(a)        The Netrepid Service Level Commitment is limited to only those Hosted Services provided directly by Netrepid and applies to each service individually.

(b)        Customer eligibility The customer must open a trouble ticket with the Netrepid Repair Center directly at 717-730-0780 or by emailing in connection with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) violation in order to be eligible for credit.  The trouble ticket must be relative to the violation in question.  If a customer is entitled to multiple credits under the SLA arising from the same events, then credits shall not be cumulative.  The customer shall be entitled to receive only the maximum single credit available for such an event.

(c)        Maximum SLA Credits The maximum SLA credits issued in any one calendar month shall not exceed:

(i)         Charges equaling 35% of the monthly charges for each individually affected service with respect to Hosted Service Availability.

(ii)        Charges equaling 35% of the total monthly charges under this agreement with respect to all services covered under this agreement with respect to any SLA violation (if multiple services provided under this agreement).

(d)        Service Credit Exceptions Netrepid Network Outage Time is measured from the time a Netrepid trouble ticket is opened, as a result of the customer’s inability to transmit and receive data, to the time the Hosted Services connection is able to transmit and receive data.  Service Credits shall not be issued where the service is unavailable as a result of:

(i)         Failure of any components beyond the customer side including, but not limited to Customer’s applications, equipment or facilities.

(ii)               Network outages caused by non-Netrepid provided local loop (e.g. ILEC provided local loop).

(iii)       Network downtime during Netrepid scheduled maintenance window.

(iv)       Force majeure events.

(v)               Acts or omission of Customer or any other user of the service authorized by Customer, and/or any willful misconduct or abuse of Netrepid Services.

  1. Service Level Agreement Netrepid Hosted Services Service availability guarantee is to have the Netrepid Hosted Services performance as defined below.  Netrepid Hosted Services will credit Customer’s account if Netrepid Hosted Services fails to meet this availability guarantee during any given calendar month.

(a)        If Customer believes that Netrepid has failed to meet the commitment levels defined in this SLA, Customer must contact its Netrepid Account Manager/Executive within five [5] business days of the last day of the month in which the relevant SLA was not met.  Netrepid will verify all or any SLA violation prior to issuing Customer a service credit.

(b)        Network Availability Measurement (per billing period) Total amount of Hosted Services Service “downtime” (in minutes) from all trouble tickets relative to Network Outage Time (per individual service) rounded up to the nearest hour.

(i)         Example: Total Network Outage time of 20 minutes = 1 hour

(c)        Mean Time To Repair (MTTR – per billing period) 

Sum of all trouble ticket service restoration intervals relative to Network Outage

Total Number of trouble tickets relative to Network Outages


Netrepid Service Level Agreements


Applicable Components


Violation Remedy

*   Network Availability

99% Availability 0.5 day credit = 1/30 of the monthly fees for the applicable location(s) per each hour of downtime (e.g. downtime between 1 to 60 minutes = 1 day credit eligible) in a given billing period not to exceed 35% of monthly charges.

**  Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

12 hours (monthly average) 0.5 day credit = 1/30 of the monthly fees for the applicable location(s) for each hour that exceeds the initial 12 hour MTTR in a given billing period  not to exceed 35% of monthly charges.







*NOTE: Netrepid Components Included in Network Availability: [a] Netrepid Type 1 dedicated facilities used to provide private line connectivity between two (2) or more customer locations, dedicated access to customer selected  Points of Presence (POP), or access to Netrepid provided data services and [b] Netrepid provided CPE (Radio, Tower, Switch, Router, CSU/DSU).

**NOTE: MTTR is calculated less access time.  Access time is defined as: [a] the time it takes for the customer to respond to Netrepid repair questions related directly to current open trouble ticket(s) or [b] the time a Netrepid onsite repair technician waits to gain access to the customer premises.