WLAN Services

Netrepid’s WLAN Services And Installation

wlan services and installationWireless LANs, or WLAN,  are definitively the wave of the future when it comes to enterprise networking. Everywhere you look, there is a company deploying a WLAN into operations. What they forgot to consider, was managing that WLAN.

If a business can’t effectively manage their WLAN, the benefits becomes more of a cost burden than savings. This is where network management can really help you out. WLAN management from Netrepid gives businesses the ability to get the best possible performance and highest level of security from their WLAN.

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WLANs Have Different Needs

WLANs are built on technology that is fundamentally different than that of wired networks. As a result, you can not manage WLANs in the same way. Plus, the ever evolving security challenges and technological innovations of WLANs make wireless management even more of a necessity.

Wireless network management software will let you get the maximum performance from your WLAN, while making it as secure as possible. For example, management software will constantly monitor every access point in a WLAN, giving instant feedback so a network administrator can constantly tweak the wireless network, keeping it as fast and secure as possible.