The Best Resources For Tracking Bluehost Outages

The Best Resources For Tracking Bluehost Outages

While it’s unfortunate, it is true – web hosting providers occasionally have outages. Even we aren’t immune from the occasional loss of service.

But while all hosting providers succomb to the reality of outages every now and then, the good folks at Bluehost seem to go down with a high level of frequency. #sadbuttrue

If you are one of the estimated 2 million customers currently hosting your website with the blue guys, we’re here to help (in more ways than one :)). Below are our favorite resources for tracking the server status of everyone’s favorite website host to love/hate at the same time.

And while we hope your site doesn’t experience an outage, if it does – at least we have some cool links for you to keep clicking “refresh” on for updates until your site returns.

Bluehost System Alerts

bluehost-outage-system-alertsThe most common place people go to check server status on Bluehost is, well, You can access their system alerts here. While this works incredibly well while their systems are active, when things go down… well – it’s hosted by Bluehost, so you might want to check another resource. As a secondary suggestion controlled within the company walls, perhaps their Twitter account would be a good option. So, if you do use Bluehost as your hosting provider, you should probably also follow @bluehost.


Cloutage-BluehostWe had the unfortunate circumstance of being introduced to this website during an outage we experienced in December. Hopefully our listing on their website receives no activity ever, again! But if you do want to check out our profile on their site, click here. Cloutage was founded in April 2010 and exists to empower organizations by providing cloud security knowledge and resources so that they may properly assess information security risks.



If you’ve ever wanted to check on the status of any of the most popular cloud hosted platforms – then DownDetector is probably a site you’ve ventured to in the past. DownDetector tracks everything from website hosting providers like Bluehost to gaming providers like Xbox Live and cell phone service providers like Net10 Wireless. If your technology is failing, chances are better than not that DownDetector can let you know why.

The link to Bluehost’s profile on DownDetector is here.

Is It Down Right Now? It Down Right Now (aka “iidrn”) is another website dedicated to monitoring the status of your favorite web sites and checks whether they are down or not. Similar to DownDetector, it also tracks the server status of gaming sites. Unlike DownDetector, you can submit a URL to it and check its status in real time – regardless of popularity.

The link to Bluehost’s profile on IIDRN is here.

What web resources do you use to check server status? Feel free to share your favorite server status websites (and their Bluehost profile URL) in the comments below.