Recapping The 6 Entries In The Citrix Innovators Program

By Jonathan Bentz, Marketing Manager


For the last three years, our friends at Citrix have hosted a Startup Accelerator that very quickly has become the most prestigious accelerator program for mobile, cloud and collaboration technologies powered by corporate funding.

Last month, the program got a facelift with a new startup accelerator model and a new title – the Citrix Innovators Program. As opposed to its predecessor programs, the Citrix Innovators Program blends cutting-edge, Silicon Valley approaches in design thinking with Steve Blank’s Lean LaunchPad to support startups in creating enterprise technology solutions that focus on user needs and help people work better.

The enrolled startups participate in a three-month residency program where each team receives:

  • funding ($$)
  • in-depth training from CIOs and top Silicon Valley VC firms
  • workspace in Silicon Valley
  • coaching and weekly mentoring from top executives at Citrix and Nexus Partners

Below, we’ve taken a second to introduce you to each of the 6 startups accepted into the Innovators Program. Let us know in the comments which one you find the most intriguing.

Of course, if you’re a startup founded in PA and want to utilize our hosted technology platforms and expert Board Of Advisors, I highly suggest you consider applying to the Netrepid Virtual Incubator. We’ve already helped three startups get their feet off the ground in the region and are always accepting applications for more!


  • Founder: Kelsey Conophy
  • Concept: An on-the-job learning system for employees and real-time performance pulse for managers
  • Team Presentation Video URL: (Time: 10:47)



  • Founder: Miro Salem
  • Concept: Makes it easy to identify and fix network issues by enabling mobile carriers to optimize their wireless networks.
  • Team Presentation Video URL:


  • Founders: Marta Guerra and Thor Lee
  • Concept: An app that helps you find great places to work and connect with the right people.
  • Team Presentation Video URL: (Time: 8:47)


  • Founders: Tony Diepenbrock and Charles Moyes
  • Concept: A new way for marketers to extract intelligence from data.
  • Team Presentation Video URL: (Time: 9:48)


  • Founder: Praful Krishna
  • Concept: An intelligent information aggregator.
  • Team Presentation Video URL: (Time: 12:06)


  • Founder: Chris Rothstein
  • Concept: A revolutionary sales tool created by four former Google sales executives.
  • Team Presentation Video URL: (Time: 10:25)

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