White Paper Wednesday: 6 Pieces To Complete The Healthcare IT Puzzle

By Jonathan Bentz, Marketing Manager

Chat-256Editor’s Note: We review whitepapers related to different aspects of business technology right here on our blog every Wednesday. Today’s submission was sent to us by Cortado – a provider of enterprise mobility, printing and virtualization solutions.

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6 Pieces To Complete The Healthcare IT Puzzle

  • healthcare-it-whitepaperPublisher: Cortado
  • Published: July 2013
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 11
  • Size: 381 KB
  • Snapshot: This whitepaper outlines 6 necessary pieces the healthcare industry needs in order to build an effective IT solution that will allow organizations to form a complete, secure mobile environment to stay productive outside of traditional settings. 
  • Download Link: Click here

Our review: While it can certainly be accomplished, successfully deploying enterprise mobility in the healthcare sector is no easy task. Due to the sensitive nature of patient information, information security is at its highest priority in this field. Because of concerns related to patient information, many practices have avoided embracing the mobility of its workforce and the BYOD movement that has caught fire in other industries.

While many in the healthcare field have yet to embrace BYOD, there may not be an industry where it is more needed. Because of the instant access to information healthcare providers require and the potential work hazards that come with the job, a healthcare practice that doesn’t adopt BYOD may lack access to important information at a time when critical decisions need to be made.

Cortado’s whitepaper presents 3 major challenges to tackling security issues in the healthcare industry – administrative, technical, and physical safeguards – and then offers a 3-tiered solution to mobility in these environments including:

  • BYOD with virtual desktop solutions featuring end-to-end security
  • Mobile device management solutions
  • Personal printing for Windows environments

With these solutions in place, Cortado believes that healthcare professionals will benefit from having access to the desktop features they need with all the security measures required by the industry. At the same time, doctors and administrators won’t have to worry that patient information will lose compliance with government regulations or that data will fall into the wrong hands.

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