Sam Coyl Offers Advice To Entrepreneurs For Going National On Houston’s KTEK 1110

Sam Coyl Offers Advice To Entrepreneurs For Going National On Houston’s KTEK 1110

ENOLA, PA, August 15, 2013 — This past Tuesday, Sam Coyl, President of Netrepid, was a guest on ‘The Price Of Business,’ where he shared his insights for business owners about the challenges involved in taking a local business to the national level.

The process of gaining national traction for a business that traditionally provides local and regional services is no easy task for any company. In today’s ultra-competitive, internet-driven IT services industry – the challenge seems even greater than ‘normal’ business settings. As one of the co-founders of a company embarking on this very transition, Coyl’s insights into planning and growing a business made a great fit for ‘The Price Of Business,’ which has been featuring entrepreneurs with similar business aspirations all month.

Coyl provided insight on the evolution of Netrepid and the challenges of taking a regional business national with the show’s host, Kevin Price, an award-winning author, speaker, columnist and radio personality.

“It takes a lot of planning upfront and a lot of trial and error [to take a business national],” said Coyl in Tuesday’s interview. “We’ve also been doing a lot of research into who we are up against as national and global competitors. We do compete with some of those larger companies. We make sure that the services we offer are relevant and that the pricing is competitive while still allowing our company to have reasonable profit margins to sustain continued growth.”

More insightful quotes and strategies for growing a regional business into a national business from Tuesday’s interview are included below.

On how Netrepid is able to offer its variety of turnkey solutions with a staff smaller than 20 employees:

“The trick is to leverage the technology rather than having a larger workforce. Make the technology work for you. We use the same philosophy that we sell to our clients – it doesn’t make sense to invest in unnecessary overhead, make the technology work for you.”

On how Netrepid is prepared to scale from a regional IT provider into a national cloud services solution:

“We’ve been able to provide services that allow them to lease the technology they need, and pay for what they use, rather than having to invest in large capital expenses and hire more employees than they necessarily need in order to run that technology for their company.”

On the most critical step of preparing the company to go national:

“We started out making sure that our website presence was up to speed – that it was accessible, doing search engine optimization, linking, and other things that are necessary to make yourself visible in the global environment.”

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