Secure Email Service Added To Our Hosted Exchange Solutions

Secure Email Service Added To Our Hosted Exchange Solutions

As part of our continued commitment to develop new solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers, we are pleased to announce the release of secure email services to our line of hosting and business technology services.

How Sending Secure Email Works For Our Customers

secure email service

A sample secure email sent using Outlook in tandem with our new secure messaging service.

Secure email from Netrepid gives businesses the ability to send emails from Outlook or any other email client with sensitive information to their customers while storing the contents locally. After setup of a few content triggers, secure emails are stored inside Netrepid’s hosted spam filter with a notification being sent to the recipient. The sensitive information contained in the email is then protected and the risks often involved with transmitting emails of this type can be greatly reduced.

How Receiving Secure Email Works For The Recipient

encrypted hosted exchange

Send secure messages with our encrypted hosted exchange solutions.

For the recipient of the secure email, accessing the email contents is easy, too (regardless of whether or not they use Outlook). A notification is sent to them with details about how to access the message. Once they setup an account with Netrepid’s spam filter, they can review the message and any other secure messages previously sent to them in archive.

“Secure email services like this are perfect for any business that regularly sends sensitive information electronically,” said Sam Coyl, President of Netrepid. “This solution is a powerful add-on to our existing Hosted Exchange and integrates very well with Outlook. We expect banks, lawyers, and medical offices to quickly adopt this service as an invaluable component of their electronic communications.”

How Customers Can Expect To Integrate Secure Email Into Their Services

This secure email solution is currently only available as an add-on to our hosted exchange services – which can integrate seamlessly with existing Outlook installations. Integration with our spam filtering is expected in the near future. Companies considering secure email as an add-on service to their existing email solutions can expect it to be available later in the year.

Full details about this new service are available here.