The 6 ?’s Of The Cloud: Allen Falcon, Cumulus Global

Chat-256Editor’s Note: Over the next few weeks leading up to the 2014 NexGen Cloud Conference, we will be publishing exclusive interviews with many of the speakers scheduled to appear. We have prepared six questions for each speaker related to the cloud and cloud services for solution providers, and each speaker has been generous enough to share their answers with us and our blog readers.

Below is the sixth interview in our series featuring Allen Falcon of Cumulus Global. Links to the other interviews in the series are included at the bottom of this interview.

Meet The Speakerallen-falcon-cumulus-global

1. Why is it so important for tech companies to embrace the cloud?

The cloud is not new. The concept of paying for scalable service as their used dates back to 1980s and time-sharing on mainframes as a service. With current technologies, cloud computing is ending the back-and-forth trends of centralized and decentralized computing. cloud computing gives users access to data, information, applications, and resources that feel and behave as if the are local. At the same time, cloud computing gives businesses and IT teams the centralized management and control. Properly implemented, cloud computing delivers more value.

Tech companies that miss this message will miss the market.

2. How do solutions from Cumulus Global accelerate the future of the cloud for today’s solution providers?

As a “born in the cloud” solutions provider, we partner with other solution providers that want to us to help them deliver new or expanded cloud-based solutions and services. Our focus is not on products, but rather on creating an effective platform for small and mid-size issues. For some, we fill a need for opportunistic sales and services to new or existing customers. For others, we deliver turn-key sales and marketing support, professional services, and authorized licensing that accelerates time to market and adoption.

3. Which of the six pillars of the cloud should service providers be most concerned with adding to their portfolio?

Solution Providers should pick the “pillars” that best enable them to migrate from their existing business model and operations. For us, we fall between a Cloud Reseller and Cloud Broker, with a healthy dose of Cloud Consultant. How you proceed into cloud requires a thoughtful, detailed self-assessment of your organization’s core competencies.

4. What partners have been instrumental in helping your business take its steps forward with cloud technology?

Our relationships with different business units and teams within Google and our partnership with Synnex, our largest distributor, have been key to our growth and success. We would not have landed on CRN’s Fast Growth 150 or at #349 on the Inc. 500 without these relationships. Our Google relationship is not about deals and leads, it is about market, message, and service delivery. Our relationship with Synnex is about adding value through service quality and financing.

5. What excites you the most about the NexGen Cloud Conference? Why did you decide to get involved?

I am most excited about having a conference truly focused on future directions in Cloud Computing, that will provide partners with timely and actionable ideas and viewpoints. I love being the “cloud guy” in the channel. I would not have missed this opportunity.

6. Can you give me a preview of what attendees are going to learn about building their cloud portfolio during your presentation at NexGen?

Most of the attendees are moving into cloud services from more traditional IT, VAR, and MSP businesses. While still evolving, even rapidly evolving, they are mature environments. Part of my discussion will address how the cloud channel is still really young and at times immature. Most of what’s available in cloud computing falls outside traditional channel relationships.

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